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The "black board" (other names are common) is used by some wikis for talking about general topics. Typically entries are put under a date header, newest on top. This page is considered a "neutral page" with relaxed OffTopic handling (similar to a HomePage). Older discussions are either deleted or saved into archive pages.



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A meatball messageboard?

moved from QuestionsAndAnswers:

Q: Is there a page for general meatball chit-chat? For those occasions when you can't really find the relavent page to say something on.

A: You could create a page MessageBoard following the BlackBoardPattern.

...bearing in mind the above 'cons'. How does everyone feel about having a general MessageBoard page? I could go ahead and create it, but d'you think it will get used? I did have something (a small point) in mind when I asked the question, but apart from that... If it was linked from the MeatballWiki homepage I guess it would get used. -- HarryWood

Harry, feel free to create it. Lead it. See what happens. That's really the only way to find out. As long as a sustainable group of people use it, it has value. -- SunirShah



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