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Related to the quest for a ViewPoint like system, it might be interesting to keep in mind the possibility of a wiki in which pages could be forked (or branched) into multiple concurrent versions.

Problems this helps to solve:


How to do it?



Distributed synchronized Wikis

What about several geo-located wikis, that are coupled by CommunityWiki:RecentNearChanges, CommunityWiki:RecentFarChanges compatible namespaces (via WikiPrefixes), collaborating in parallel, with the opportunity of specialisation (like biological organisms): Wikis that are predominantly

 idea generators, idea elaborators, 
 (trans-)action oriented, reflection oriented 
 building oriented, description oriented
 StayPoor oriented, WikiNomics oriented


I should note that although I am moderately interested in this for normal wikis as an EditConflict resolution method for high traffic sites (such as a wiki news site on the order of slashdot), I'm also interested in it for CommunityProgrammableWiki.

-- BayleShanks

Note that a CVS based wiki would also allow branches whose origin is past versions of a page. I can't see what good this does, though (outside of the CommunityProgrammableWiki context); I guess this emergent "feature" wouldn't be used much.

Also, according to my understanding of CVS, you can't easily "forget" old VersionHistory, right? So the forgetting part of KeptPages would have to be added as an extra feature (and in the case of CommunityProgrammableWiki, could be subverted). But the WaybackMachine? at InternetArchive? allows subversion of ForgiveAndForget anyway if you really care, so that doesn't bother me.

-- BayleShanks

See also Wiki:ChangeManagementAppliedToWiki

You may want to see also Wiki:VersionControlAppliedToWiki, although I don't think there's much on that page that's needed here.

See also TeaTime

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