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Christopher Allen

My blog is http://www.alacritymanagement.com/lifewithalacrity.html


My email is christophera at alacritymanagement.com

I'm probably most famous for my work in helping make SSL 3.0 a standard, and was co-author of [RFC-2246 The TLS Standard].

I am also the founder of [Skotos] which uses SkotosWiki, and I am the secret BenevolentDictator (trying to avoid becoming GodKing) of RpgNet.

January 4, 2004. Christopher, I hereby award you the BarnStar award for your work on CategoryWikiDesignPatterns, which I greatly enjoy. -- SunirShah

CategoryWikiDesignPatterns is an interesting project. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. I took the liberty of removing the redundant namespace prefix as well as suggesting a few pages you might want to read/link to in your write up. I hope you don't mind. -- SunirShah

I don't mind at all ;-) -- ChristopherAllen

Nice to see you here, Christopher! -- SebPaquet

Some people might appreciate a better understanding of my Wiki context:

I've been a long time admin of a TwikiClone named SkotosWiki at Skotos http://www.skotos.net -- Skotos is a small online game company. We've been using it for 3+ years now, for everything from internal corporate documents, contractor and game designer documents, and in the last two years player documents for one of our games.

As of December 31 2003, we have over 15098 separate wiki documents:

Using TwikiClone has been a huge boost for Skotos, which is very small and is very dependent on outside contractors and volunteers.

I have participated in other wikis, and have attempted to start another small wiki community, but nothing compares to my experience the Skotos wiki.

Thus my experience starts from a very different starting point:

This experience, and the success of this experience gives me a very different perspective then others who are entrenched in public access Wikis. I'm not saying that my perspective is any better, just different ;-)

-- ChristopherAllen

Missed you at WikiSym, Chris! --JohnAbbe



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