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Welcome Dan!
Dan, change managars to managers on EEKMA. I would change it, but it's a read-only wiki page. ugh --ChuckSmith | -Thanks Chuck, I changed it. (also into write-and-read :) - Dan

Not sure if this is the proper place, but I just like to say thats its interesting to see the RecentChanges on MeatBall, but less and less tempting when it utrns to a French speaking community. Maybe it would be something to reflect upon, separating the languages? I have strong feeling the community MeatBall might loose visitors if MeatBall turns into a French community? Or, is it possible to "filter" the RecentChanges in any way with the help of preferences? -- DanKoehl

It's not "French" but FrogLog. They're working on setting up their own wiki. Have patience. -- SunirShah

Sorry and thanks for your comprehension Dan. I just dropped a message on LangueFrançaise inviting "french webloggers" to read some CommunityExpectations. 3 new french wikis should be ready soon to learn more about wikis. We hope to stay in your neighboorhood. Who knows if we could have some [interlinks]. Have a nice weekend Dan.'' -- ChristopheDucamp

Thanks Cristophe for the invitation, paid a visit, and it looks good. Wish u all luck! - Dan
thanks Dan. (minor edit) ;)-- ChristopheDucamp


Hi Dan,

I updated a bit your elephant home page. Be careful, in french éléphant is written with two é, not è.<br> btw, would you have a couple of free elephant pictures for us ???

Thanks, yes I may have pictures, but I am not sure who u are, Anthere? - Dan


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