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The DiiGoTagPage is a Web page, accessed by the DiiGoTagUrl, given as http://diigo.com/tag/.

Notes and further terms:


For the convenience of the user of a DiiGoTaggedWikiPage,


Based on what is here, I think our thoughts regarding Tag syntax are starting to converge. I may be able to post some link to the tagStrings that I am using in the development of a PublicDomain mapping system soon (this weekend?) that I would like to share and discuss. I'm going to create some links that LionKimbro can pursue when he finds some time since I believe this is also very congruent with his LocalNames? thinking. -- HansWobbe

DiiGo [1], Google: [2] wiki+annotation+annoations+MeatballWiki+DiiGoTagPage+DiiGoTagUrl+DiiGoTagCombinationUrl+DiiGoTagCombinationPage


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