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A TagCombination is an unordered list of tags (keywords):

This informal definition could be made exact as the program specification for a program that takes a list of tags as input and produces a set of URLs, that are previously "tagged", i.e. marked with one or more word-marks by users. Any permutation of the tags produces exactly the same result.

Example: On the bottom of this page you find the TagCombination:"wiki+annotation+tag+tags+TagCombinations+TagCombination" The output of it is accessible via http://diigo.com/tag/wiki+annotation+tag+tags+TagCombinations+TagCombination


TagCombinations organize Web-, especially Wiki Pages, without great effort:

-- FridemarPache



Obligatory XKCD reference: [1] - NatalieBrown

DiiGo:Google:wiki+annotation+tag+tags+TagCombinations+TagCombination [2] [3]


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