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French student, now Studying in Beijing.

I'm interested in a variety of subjects, a few of which are discussed here.

The one I'd like to develop in Meatball would be around debate tools - how to use the web as an occasion to debate ideas, or to formalise previous debates. So that would probably be related to the SemanticWeb and to RDF, but also comminty, membership, identity (if you're talking debate you're talking opinion ...), conflict management, emergence, democracy, emergent democracy and a few things.

I wrote a few things on DebateTool and associated subjects, like DoubleWiki ... now I'm back to dig back into that ...

Study in China about Computer Science? Wow! In Beijing? I don't know about Chinese Wiki but I think there definitely are some. I'm thinking about building my own Wiki in Chinese right now. -- ZhaoWay

http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?CooCooWakka - Chinese Wiki reference.

Emile, since you are in Beijing, you are posting from a 61.xxx.xxx.xxx address. We've banned all the Chinese Class A's. Actually, you are the one case that made us deliberate over banning whole Class A's. I'm not so sure I want to create and hand out editor passwords, but it may be a pragmatic solution. -- SunirShah

OK, I found a way to access MeatBall, this makes things easier. It may not work everywhere but it sure makes things easier.

24 mars 2005
Une vraie BarnStar à notre fondateur de l'académie pour décorer ta page durant cette EpreuveParExil. A bientôt dans la WikiTerre?. Merci pour la création de la CraoWiki:AcadémieWiki et surtout sens-toi à l'aise pour y pinailler en LangueFrançaise. -- ChristopheDucamp


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