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Hi! Here's some info about me.

I started ShouldExist, an OnlineInnovationRepository, a collection of good ideas for inventions and dreams of a brighter future. It's spawned a few projects, it's first was itself. It's first words were "ShouldExist is creating itself..." an announcement submission to KuroShin which got voted down. :) I wonder if it's still in the database somewhere. Anyway, this fancy BootStrapping? birthing post was resubmitted as a more conservative and coherent overview of the project which made it onto the site as well as onto SlashDot. Other projects, InfoAnarchy started as an idea posted by ErikMoeller, and BabelChat language translating chat was started by me.

I have a [homepage] with more info.

I'm starting the GroupFormingMailingList with some others.

I have a wiki, called [AquametaWiki]. It's some braindumps of what's bouncing around in my head. Feel free to visit and comment.


Welcome! ShouldExist is a really cool site, thank you! Btw, I'm not sure if the unix cheat sheet is exactly topical here... this place is generally about online communities and shies away from detailed/unrelated technical topics. Not to be too negative, though, please, by all means, stick around -- BayleShanks

Hey, Eric. I didn't mean to be rude either when deleting those pages. I didn't realize you had written those pages, but they are off topic. Haven't I seen you around on kuro5hin? I've been to ShouldExist a few times myself. -- SunirShah

I have also been to ShouldExist, very cool. Nice to have you here Eric! - MarkDilley

Howdy guys and thanks for the warm welcome, but...what the hell are you talking about? :) I didn't write any pages about unix cheat sheets nor do I know of any rude or negative comments hurled in my general direction. Everyone has been quite nice and I hope to continue to write (on topic) pages. To reiterate...huh? --EricHanson

Sorry 'bout that, they appeared a coupla minutes before your homepage did and i jumped to conclusions. My bad! -- BayleShanks



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