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There are Homepage owners who collaborate in the form of a WebRing.

Can anybody point to a collaboration pattern, where several Homepage owners synchronize their activities by some MediatorSoftware? as e.g.

-- FridemarPache

I don't think there are patterns written down yet to describe those kinds of things. Start if you like. And it isn't just software. RulesOfSociety? dictate the structure in which people collaborate with each other. Laws, policies, technologies, etiquette. -- SunirShah

There is a special option in the CritLinkMediator, allowing annotations to be downloaded on one's own Website. BayleShanks did some initial adaptions, such that the software allowed to annotate MeatballWiki (and other Wikis and communities). On the other hand CritLinkMediator allowed each webpage to be an Annotating Page. -- FridemarPache

I think that the Mattis is striving for something like this with the work he is doing with blikis at Oddmuse. Based on hwat I've done there so far, I think it looks quite promising. I've been testing a bit of a 'mashup' using Oddmuse, DiiGo, and 'Tags' in general too -- HansWobbe



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