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On a Wiki (or any site, really), HitCounts track the number of visits to (actually, "fetches of") any page (or atomic hypercontent) on the Wiki.

This is useful to track VisitorWeights. It's another way of knowing what people are interested in, so you know what to read yourself.

For example, Wiki:TopTen.


I think increasing the energy of the system isn't as interesting as increasing the quality (value) of the system. I view the hit counts as a means to track the reader interest of the system; as feedback to know what is valued and what isn't. -- SunirShah

I've implemented this feature for this wiki at http://sunir.org/apps/visits.pl. The source code is available at http://sunir.org/src/meatball/IndexingSchemes. -- SunirShah

Script to do


Script updates

Fixed the regex that matched against the logs so it didn't exclude valid entries (from HTTP/1.0 clients). Should be a lot more "hits" now.


Another Hit Count implementation of a wiki-based Usemod: [Page counter at UsemodKr]

And Indexing [MostPopular at UsemodKr]


Tracking VisitorWeight and AuthorWeight helps WikiNomics authors and visitors alike to measure efforts, impact and popularity. To hold this information back, creates an unsound asymmetry between Wiki providers and their users. On AboutusOrg it goes without saying that this information is made transparent as a friendly and PR-relevant act of the provider. By the way, when the author created AuthorWeight, he also remembers having created VisitorWeight, where he asked to use them.


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