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In a time of financial crisis the public interest looks for Google:AlternativeCurrencies. So what do you think of Google:IndividualTimeAsCurrency? The more peers are massively involved in answering questions, the more time we can save. So I invited people from our [ClipMarks:Twin].


Bext and OutsideIn? free (Creative Commons) Objects

FridemarPache: By accident the author pasted the wrong text into this wiki-page digest. It is kind of Google:AccidentalLinking of different mind-agents in his subconsciousness. It was a long night of Webwork :-). To connect the Freudian glitch to the topic of this page, here my reasoning: The author put a lot of time in composing and arranging this Mathsong [Bext], downloadable as a flash (swf) video. He gives it as a currency to support the growing of a SocialCommonWealth. Other artists, musicians, mathematicians are invited to build on this CreativeCommons -object, even converting their work in money, or using it itself as IndividualTimeCurrency.

NathanielThurston: Fridemar, you may have stumbled across a very effective way to teach math with the idea of a mathsong. An old project which was in part my creation: [Outside In]

AaronPoeze: Interesting Mathsong. Never seen anything like it. You could make it it's own page I think.

FridemarPache: I am glad, if you enjoyed my song. I made it karaoke-style, such that humans could participate on the artificially synthesized song-voice, made with Harmony Assistant :-)

Fixing time a communist measure ?

AaronPoeze: Fixing time as currency is a defacto communist measure where pay rate is equated to time. The problem then is the removal of incentive to work. Namely the amount of quality work done in a given period of time. So then one spends amazing amounts of time appearing to work rather than working. It also removes incentive to skill up or educate.

FridemarPache: Overcoming ideological polarity between left and right improves both: business and (general) wellbeing. Think of all the energies that we gain, if we don't scatter them in (ideological) wars. I admit, its easier said than done.

NathanielThurston: Aaron, the incentive to work hard is that one's foreign exchange rate is determined by the quality of one's work.

How is it helpful

AaronPoeze: We are here in the name of community, what matters more than ideology is the answer to the question "How is it helpful?"

FridemarPache: Aaron, I think it helps a lot, when done in a community. See my answer to Nathaniel, below.

FridemarPache: Nathaniel, Wow. I watched your video several times, even the longer version. Wouldn't it be great to have it as CreativeCommons object to make derivative work on it, e.g. to open up income for ExtremeOpenBusiness, creating Screensavers (Learnsavers) with cartoons and karaoke-songs, that animate comments, theorems and proofs (that may be added to them). Two questions: In the film trailer you are listed as MasterOfIllusion?. Do you know Bill Thurston ?

NathanielThurston: I think there is a screensaver, but I'm not sure if it still works. The work was all funded by the NSF, so I think it's all at least theoretically in the public domain. We got to choose our own titles for that film -- master of illusion was partly a reference to the equation for the sphere eversion itself (which can be viewed as a map from t->R^3), which was my biggest contribution to the movie. Bill Thurston is my father.

FridemarPache: and the quality of one's work is measured by the market. That relativates IndividualTimeCurrency. However the market of the future (hopefully) is a market of abundance with a different character than the current one, which is based on scarcity.

What about LETS

AaronPoeze: [LETS] uses a base of abundance. I used it briefly in the past but it had issues with market presence, namely not enough goods and services to buy and sell. However at a basic level it at least works. I like the idea of a time exchange rate, it would be interesting to see it in action. FridemarPache: Aaron, thank you for this link. I found the OpenMoney? manifest, that stemmed from LETS experience, and made a ClipMarks broadcast, combined with DiiGo and Twitter.

My Time is for Sale

NathanielThurston: Aaron, my time is for sale. Would you like to buy some?

AaronPoeze, Hmm well not right now. I need to know your capabilities and I need to know what I want you to do. Also, if you're curious, my means to cover groceries is not good.

NathanielThurston: OK, thanks for considering the possibility. I was thinking more along the lines of a market speculation that my time will be eventually be worth something, and the amount does not have to be large. I've detailed my view of my [website] and work history on my website, and I hope that my interactions here have gone some way to show that there is some truth behind it. Anyone else?

Offer MyTwoPence

FridemarPache: I open another page, because otherwise this page gets difficult for refactoring, reading, quoting, collaboration.

Thinking Out Loud

AaronPoeze: Thinking out loud on the concept of currency in its original form of time.

My time to deliver:

My time to collect:

Well that was fun Are some of these memes? Are we making better memes?

NathanielThurston: Aaron, that was brilliant. I think it will take some time to digest.

An alternative Social Currency that converts to real dollars

FridemarPache: Just detected TwollarsAsCurrency.

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