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Jaakko Mäntysaari.
UPDATE: Now work as a tutor in a mediashop & website administrator.

Graduated in 2005 (BBA)

From: Tampere, Finland

What do I do?

Hullo. Have some StartingPoints. HackingAtNight for me is for generating weird ideas - the following day is for fixing them...

HackingAtNight for me is generating ANY ideas. The next day is for trying to figure out what I came up with... -- JaakkoMantysaari

Jaakko, welcome! I did the BBS thing at night too. My BBS was called Open Fire; originally because I wanted a place to rant (go figure), but I changed its image around to be a warm campfire at night. My friend, Binary Rogue, made a campaign called, "Midnight on the oasis." That was of course before I kicked everyone off for being l4m3rz. ;) -- SunirShah

Tervetuloa. Itsekin juuri seuraan liittyneenä. Käytkö monissa muissakin wikeissä? -- JussiVilleHeiskanen

Niin joo ja toinenkin kysymys, mitä BBS tsydeemejä kusoilit? VAXI? SUOKUG? Radio City TBBS? Bad Sector? MITS? City Lines/Clinet? Vai mitä? Ihan uteliaisuutta vaan, jos oltais oltu samoissa mestoissa? -- JussiVilleHeiskanen

Toivottavasti samoillakin mestoilla. Purkkiskene oli niin pieni ja silti niin suuri... nyt se on enään pieni. Valitettavasti. -- JaakkoMantysaari

I'm sure it wasn't what Jussi meant, but finnish does read like a bad sector to some of us (no offense) -- Poul Staugaard

Yeah, I think I know what you mean. Polish looks like bad sector to us. -- JaakkoMantysaari

Hei Jaakko, finsk forstar jeg ikke, men kansje forstar du litt norsk? No, excuse my multilinguality, the world is like that though. Welcome Jaakko -- MattisManzel

Thank you! But no, I don't speek norsk. I speek some swedish tough. But hey, never too old to learn! --JaakkoMantysaari

If you feel like hack a couple of phrases in finska on [community-wiki: multilingual experiment] Make sure you tried out the language-filters - :) -- MattisManzel

Congratulations on graduating! -- ChrisPurcell



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