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I am WikiPedia:User:Cimon_Avaro and you can find a capsule bio there that tells quite a bit of my online history.

Time to come clean and annotate my first introduction to MeatBall

yup, but lucky your name is nice in two parts. Hello Cimon.

(Above message by AntHere)

As I understand it the above message is an intentionally subtle reference to the fact that I did not at first sign up under a RealName. Cimon Avaro is my pseudonym at WikiPedia, though over at wikipedia, I have revealed my real name also.

So, since my pseudonym is in two parts, and vaguely namelike; it is not an immediate giveaway that it is not my real name.

??? -- BayleShanks

I think AntHere is referring to my edit summary when I added my name to the list of Wikipedians on the MartinHarper userpage. Or to explain further, I was marvelling at CamelCase links, you see the markup uses square brackets in wikipedia, but I had heard all these stories of ancient days past when even Wikipedia used CamelCase, and all the funny redirected article names which are relics from those days. -- JussiVilleHeiskanen aka Cimon Avaro

Since I at this stage had doubts about whether I wanted to participate under my own name, I chose to keep a slight level of obfuscation and subtlety.

Yes. Plus the fact *your* comment precisely brought light to me, as I finally understood why I could not log in at CraoWiki. I needed a CamelCase name. AntHere.

Similarly, AntHere is here displaying a similar subtlety, or at least I think that was her intent.
Nope. I repeatedly tried to log in as Anthere (full name, the real one, ant is lazyness and politics :-)). Till the moment I realised all names here were in two parts. I was absolutely not subtle there :-) The camel case appears quite natural in english, but it is very unnatural in french ihmo.

Welcome, Cimon. CamelCase is much used in wikis that don't need to support formal page names. -- HelmutLeitner

Vast WikiLand?. Like traveling Europe in the 17th century. Borders, borders, borders. And everytime you have to turn your name into a camel to pass them. But we are improving. Take a look on CommunityWiki, which is somehow associated to MeatBall. --MattisManzel

Like traveling Europe in the 17th century. Borders, borders, borders. And everytime you have to turn your name into a camel to pass them.
ha ha! what a great description! -- BayleShanks

Hey Cimon, and welcome to meatball. Be careful the blackbirds don't swoop in and eat the breadcrumbs... :) --MartinHarper

Again a veiled reference (I think). Refers to my scribble in RecentVisitors where I spoke of the links Martin Harper left at wikipedia. Can be interpreted two ways. Either coming here will be a one way trip. Or the subtler interpretation is that someone might decide to go and check me out on wikipedia, which would reveal that Cimon Avaro is not my real name. In other words a kind and subtle warning. In any case a nice reference to Hansel and Gretel.

If it was intended as a subtle warning against not using a pseudonym, I do appreciate the courtesy of trusting/letting me take time; to decide on using my real name. The gesture is much appreciated.

That is in fact a most hilarious and ponderous reference. As I read that, I had just opened the first bottle of my latest ordered batch of OlviDarkCraftBeer? (in reverse if.ivlo.www//:ptth) and the label on the bottle sports a crow with a coin or gold nugget (or colourably a breadcrumb) in it's mouth. >:-) Any blackbirds are welcome to choke, for all I care. Thanks for your welcome though. -- JussiVilleHeiskanen aka Cimon Avaro

There is very little subtle about this, except perhaps the use of ponderous in a slightly off context, implying that I would think about the question of identity, before making up my mind. The rest is just how it turned out. A JungianSynchronism? if you will. (BTW I am swilling the same brew right now, In preparation for going out to see the LunarEclipse?.)

On the label of the bottle, I have decided that it is intended to be a star the crow/raven is holding in its beak.

Heavily indented annotations in Italics by JussiVilleHeiskanen.

Kaum zu erkennen der Geier/hardly visible the bird --MattisManzel

Well, not me at least, since I have set my browser to not accept any images:) -- JussiVilleHeiskanen

Nice annotations. Always fun seeing how things are interpreted - especially where one's been intentionally vague... :)

Sorry all, next part in Finnish: Tervehdys! Olit pistänyt joskus (ha, enpäs muistanutkaan katsoa että koska) sivulleni viestiä BBS:stä. Ilmeisesti itse olet Helsingin seudulla pyörinyt? Itse olen Tampereen seudulta, joten enimmäkseen 03-alueella pyörin. Tietenkin lukuunottamatta MBNettiä. RBB (Rampton Birds Box), Halls of Hepitude, JeesBox?, mitä niitä nyt kaikkia sillon olikaan... Wikejä olen kyllä käyttänyt jo jonkun aikaa, vaihtelevalla tiheydellä. Hiljattain loppui pidempi jakso hiljaiseloa =) Selailijana ja satunnaisena lisäilijänä olen pyörinyt täällä, emacswikissä, wikipediassa, amigawikissä, jne. Btw. projektina saada transamiga -niminen purkkisofta toimimaan amiga 600:sessa. Piiiiitkä projekti, varsinkin kun kovalevy taisi paukahtaa amgiasta. --JaakkoMantysaari

A short update of my activities on WikiPedia. I am involved in an experimental feature of MediaWiki called PatrolledEdits on the FinnishWikiPedia?. -- JussiVilleHeiskanen



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