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Suggestion from <-> CmapsSandbox:

The Google:GoogleSearchWiki has the potential to interface all Wikis in the Web, even the most archaic ones, that use as linkpatterns CamelCase words. In spite of being available since about half a year (11/20/2008), nearly no wiki appears to have taken this opportunity to bilink with (befriended) external wikis (on a systematic way).


FridemarPache: So let's start our test on even this page with <-> Google:GoogleSearchWiki, which after our experience, made in <-> CMapsSandbox, will soon let appear Meatball's GoogleSearchWiki page on the Google radar. If nobody else does, I am going to make there a comment, referring back to our Conversation here. I have the feeling: we will unleash enormous potential, especially if we combine this usage with Global ConceptMaps development. (From Google Earth to Google Mind )

I also invite a CommunityWiki peer to make a TwinPage to here on CommunityWiki. As there are a lot of different Wiki founder Meatballers, this Inter Wiki Test naturally invites you for joining (with TwinPages on your home wiki). Friendly and constructive peers from "outer space" are welcome. Let's see what we can accomplish.

So as an additional motivation, you can be the first one to "to boldly go where no man has gone before".

If nobody here has the whuffie to enter the co-building of the GlobalBrain, then I am going to Google, asking them to make this GoogleEngineAddon? a more universal Google:WikiGadget, that can be inserted into any Webpage (that allows HTML :-) looking for RawHtmlWikis.

NathanielThurston: I added a [GoogleSearchWiki page] to the new teatime wiki, and added it to the google search results.

FridemarPache: Thank you Nathaniel, for inserting the correct quotation. I have amplified it by a quote of the Google engine, still waiting for getting community input. So what!? Are the wikizens at Meatball here intellectual cowards .. Is BarnRaising only a matter of reflecting and writing about it or do we really barnraise here?

NatalieBrown: Wait, what did you want again? I'm confused.

FridemarPache: Thank you Nat, I am just trying to find a pioneer here (who has the courage) to make the first public comment on the search results page Google:GoogleSearchWiki. To do this, the commenting person needs a Google account, selecting the option to participate in GoogleSearchWiki. (Can somebody test, if it works "out of the box" without even selecting an option, as it might have been the case in the beginning, because I can't remember, if some times ago I had to explicitly select an option or not.) Here you find a [short video introduction on GoogleSearchWiki]. Look, GoogleSearchWiki now has even a <-> GoogleSearchWikiRecentChanges. It would make not only me but probably a lot of other people happy, if a woman would "break the spell". Then the above slogan can still remain valid :-)

NathanielThurston: Fridemar, looking at the video it seems clear that inputs to the GoogleSearchWiki modify only a single user's search results, which defeats our purpose. I was thinking more along the lines of the PageRanked search results, and there we have a big advantage, due to the high PageRank of wikis in general and of Meatball in particular. Better yet, Google's success depends on their defeating attempts to game PageRank, so they must do their best to defeat the efforts of spammers and the search engine optimization crowd.

FridemarPache: The nice thing is, we can have at least three benefits for communities: By we can toggle between the individual and the public view, which are values in itself working indirectly in many ways (guessed but resting to be explored) for communities. The most important part appears to be the connection between the two that matters: We can see "all public comments" concerning the searched object (and we can narrow this subject by GoogleTagCombinations). Please let's test this All Public Comments Feature' Of GoogleSearchWiki. Anybody who even writes a "Hello World" for further reflecting here, does a great favor to the advancement of the collective use of GoogleSearchWiki. Concerning the page rank, I think that it is highly deserved by creative wikis, especially by Meatball; I think Google knows to appreciate friendly creativity. There is even a FriendsOfGoogle? community, we should give more attention.

NathanielThurston: I've said "Hello, world!" to this page on Google:GoogleSearchWiki.

FridemarPache: I noted 2 comments listed, but without the text, then I commented it. I could only see my own comment. Can you see mine? Now I see 3 comments listed; appearantly there is a time-lag.

NathanielThurston: I saw your "hello world back" note by expanding the "2 comments" link. I tried the "make public" feature, and it gave me a [link] to "paste into an email or IM"

FridemarPache: I gave you a Helpful=YES Karma point and reedited my comment to thank you. Moreover I linked back within the comment to this page, but it wasn't transformed into a link. I don't understand your "make public", I couldn't find such an option yet. A screenshot might help.

NathanielThurston: By "make public" I meant the line that appears at the top of the search results:

 Results include your SearchWiki? notes for GoogleSearchWiki. + Share these notes
In response to your comments on Google, I would call GoogleSearchWiki in its current state a WINO (WikiInNameOnly?).

FridemarPache: Curiously enough, Google has the technology to make it a real Wiki, but the developers there can't even make a http.. address a link :-(, no wiki words, not even the elementary WikiSyntax for a nice appearance. It is currently (May2009) very akward, if one always has to click the show all comments button, only to see, what other people commented. Normally I have 100 entries in my search result preferences, I had to reduce them to ten, to shorten the way to click options at the bottom of the page.

FridemarPache: Can somebody please make a FireTrail comment on the GoogleSearchWiki, to give the Google developers another kick, how it should look like:

The Nr.1 bubble is a DiiGo annotation and can be expanded and commented too. You might wish to have a look at Google:GoogleSearchWiki+WardCunningham.

NatalieBrown: Yeah, you lost me. Where's the "show all comments" button you speak of?

FridemarPache: Sorry, this was an adhoc formulation, quoting myself :-). Actually it comes from the bottom line of the Google page as link "See all notes" or so. It might make you and Nathaniel happy (and probably a lot of other people happy) that there is now a workaround for social community Google search annotations: <-> GoogleSearchWikiTrailfireWorkaround.




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