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PatrolledEdits is a new feature on MediaWiki, pilot tested on the FinnishWikipedia; whereby the RecentChanges listing displays an exclamation mark before edit listings which have not been patrolled by a privileged user. Currently the privilege to mark edits patrolled is limited to system administrators, but there is an ongoing vote to expand the priviledge to invested users who have been a sufficient time and have made a certain number of edits on the FinnishWikiPedia?.

The way the feature works is that when checking diffs, the priviledged user can mark those diffs which are deemed not to be vandalism as having been patrolled, so as to avoid needless duplication of effort.


This is interesting, JussiVilleHeiskanen. In CommunityWiki, we've been experimenting with a different-but-similar idea, CommunityWiki:PageMaintainer. It's too soon to tell, but it appears to be successful. And there is the Citizendium, of course.

Wiki has a very negative reputation for being endless pages of sprawl, and "you never know if anybody's looking." It seems to me that the wiki community is responding. -- LionKimbro

I'd be interested in knowing whether this will increase or decrease effective PeerReview over time. -- SunirShah

I've been thinking of a more general version of this, which would allow anyone to make any assertion on page content. A patrolled edit is just an assertion that this page revision is spam free. So users that are members of the patrolling group can apply the vandalism free assertion. A group of school teachers could form a group and assert that pages meet their needs with respect to a curriculum. An individual could assert he/she agrees with a page revision outlining a proposal. -- JaredWilliams

It occurs to me that, if the community is interested in PatrolledEdits, it would be very easy to support via EditCategories. Allowing users to edit the digest field from the History page would enable one to easily append something like [PeerReview: looks ok]. -- ChrisPurcell


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