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I am the founder of the [SolaRoofWiki] which is an OpenSource collaboration for [EcoLiving]. We support grass roots development and use of new patterns for construction of solar homes and garden communities, with the goal of supporting DIY implementation of "living structures" as called for by Christopher Alexander in his visionary paper [ORIGINS OF PATTERN THEORY]

I am not a Wiki Wizard; Pm and others in our community have created the SolaRoofWiki? and have now converted it to PmWiki V.2 - I would be very interested if any friends from meatball would like to help with our implementation, which is an innovative approach. I like a challenge, so I will be exploring how to build a Personal Wiki at [SolaRoofGuy Homepage] - perhaps you can try out my WikiBlog. At this Personal Wiki I would like to keep a "live journal", which is a kind of interactive Blog that can help to build personal relationships and document some of my thinking about what is next.

The WikiBlog is now operating and with help from my brother Jim we are moving forward with building a global SolaRoof? community. One of our objectives now is to get everyone engaged - [DIYFood] - grow your own food!

Please feel free to contact me at mailto:solaroof@gmail.com

Here are some quick links:

Comments are welcome!

Welcome, Richard. If you need a hand dealing with wikis, please ask us. We've seen--if not all--a lot. -- SunirShah

Richard, Welcome!. I recently got [Serendipty] - a free weblog software/live journal - setup and working. You can check their site and if you need any help, just ask. --SelvakumarGanesan

Richard, I just noticed that I completely screwed up what you had written. I thought you were right on the money, so I added links to what I thought were related concepts that we had already. Hope you weren't put off by my overexuberance. What you are doing with SolaRoofWiki? is very interesting. -- SunirShah

Welcome, Richard. Your SolaRoofWiki? is really beautiful and well built. Terms are always a problem. ChrisPurcell and me tried to get a common view in WikiTechnicalGlossary, he has a number of spikes and I use a general WikiFractality concept. In my words I would describe it this way: in SolaRoofWiki? is any top level page the potential root for a SubWiki, just create subpages and you get separate RecentChanges and optional configuration. I don't know whether other functions also become group-related (index, search, ...). BTW I used "group" for "a page and its subpages". Anyway, nice work! -- HelmutLeitner



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