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Just another random editor. I try really hard not to edit here much, because I get addicted to wikis easily.

Contacting me

Welcome to Meatball. Glad you dropped in from that other, larger wiki. And thanks for SearchEngineCloak. -- SunirShah

Hi, I am in Ann Arbor, so close! Welcome. Best, MarkDilley

And I'm in Chicago. I'll wave to you next time I'm on the Amtrak to Dearborn. Wikipedia is killing me these days, as a wiki addict myself. -- TedErnst

So what's the story behind the name change? Is this a reflection of a MeatSpace name change, or a graduation from nickname to full birthname? (If you'd rather not say, that's fine too :) -- ChrisPurcell

It's a name that will become my legal name in time, but the whole story is slightly long and embarrasing. :) -- StephanieAmandaStevens

Well, it's a nice name. Good choice ;) -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks. :) --StephanieAmandaStevens

Bonjour et bienvenue sur MeatballWiki. -- ChristopheDucamp (wikiholic :)

I'm guessing thats a french welcome message? :) --StephanieAmandaStevens
Right Stephanie. It's a RituelDeBienvenue in french ;) -- ChristopheDucamp

Stephanie, herzlich willkommen. Fühl dich hier wie zu Hause. -- HelmutLeitner



Wed Aug 26 20:55:20 2009


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