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Pages can often be categorized by properties of the text, not the ideas described therein; properties such as the language used, or if it is part of a particular body of text being developed in the long-term by a subgroup within a community. Such information is useful for filtering rather than searching, and is best described outside the body of the page. Text categories are also sticky: new pages often possess the same categories as the page they are created from. While a flexible scheme like MetadataSyntax is possible, a simple tagging system would be easier to use.

Therefore, flag TextCategories by adding them to the summary:

fr: Une nouvelle page au sujet de la pêche

TextCategories should be kept across summaries unless changed by the editor. If every page is assumed to be categorized, a lack of categories can be treated as an editor error, reducing newbie mistakes. New pages should inherit the TextCategories of whatever BrokenLink was followed to create them. A minimal default set of categories can be provided in case an editor creates a new page via their browser's link field. Alternatively, a save of a new page can be refused if certain categories are not provided, ensuring for instance that the site is language-agnostic.

On RecentChanges, TextCategories work in a similar fashion to EditCategories, filtering the changes provided. For maximum flexibility, AND (',') and OR (';') should be supported, with higher precedence for the former, allowing an English page containing a French translation to be marked like so:

en;fr,PageTranslation: New page about long-lived edit clusters [fr,PageTranslation: translated] 

When text category filtering has not yet been set up by the user, the browser's language settings may enable a reasonable default.

This has been kicking around in my head for a while, so I thought I should write it out neatly. It's nothing more than EditCategories + sticky persistence, but that looks ideal for lightweight handling of languages. I'm particularly interested in what xtof thinks. -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks Chris to think about multilingual experiences on mb. I really don't want to flood recent changes with 2 eurocents contribution. So let me think a while. It's still difficult for me to have any opinion on this suggestion even if I feel it. You know pehraps I'm currently discovering the sense in WikiPatternLanguage. May we consider here that you're designing a SummaryPattern? dedicated to multilingual-wiki. Anyway, to have a better understanding... I need first to think in french before answering ! So let me move ModifierCatégories? to CatégoriesModification... Then, I plan to drop a first translation of TextCategories to CatégoriesTexte. This could be my way to think, test TextCategories and comment on this page. -- ChristopheDucamp

You do realize this isn't implemented yet, right? -- ChrisPurcell

To be sincere, I just realized the future content of CatégoriesTexte should be dropped in DossierTechnologieWikiNonimplémentée. This previous page will be the future translation of CategoryUnimplementedWikiTechnology and should pehraps be contained within the page CategoryUnimplementedWikiTechnology ? Sorry Chris, but the second part of the document section is not really simple for me. I mean whenever we may have any translation contained in an english page. Should I move also the content dropped on CatégoriesTexte within TextCategories ? Then redirect CatégoriesTexte to TextCategories. Even if the idea is not implemented, I feel interested Chris. And would be happy to know if I understand the way, the sense. Let me know Chris ;) -- ChristopheDucamp''

CategoryWikiTechnology CategoryUnimplementedWikiTechnology


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