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Because of general classic wiki extinction and the time when MeatballWiki was down (these were years), the TourBus system has basically died. Routes are full of dead stops, there is nobody to maintain them.

Consider this to be part of CommunityWiki:WikiRevival.

2021-12-20 I created a new route #200 for personal wikis that are, for some reason, public. I intend to maintain it. I noticed that there were some complicated protocols for setting up a route, but I don't really care. I think they should be dropped. --TimurIsmagilov

2021-12-24 Today I've visited all the links on TourBusMap and marked which of them are dead. Drawn a map (actually, a lot of maps) of the rest of the links on paper. The topology is ridiculous. --TimurIsmagilov

The principles


Hi Timur,

please re-check if link targets really dont exist any more. For example I could still reach the CommunityServerWiki and the TourBusStop there. The above questions may be best placed on TourBusDiscussion.

Did you actually try to contact anyone from the BusManagement?

Regarding DseWiki: the wiki and TourBusStop page is editable.


Hello Markus. Alright, I will re-check them; thanks for notifying about an error.

I did not try to contact anyone from the BusManagement. I plan to contact tour bus stops' admins. I contacted some of them already. Well, I contacted HelmutLeitner (as you can see in the next message below) but not because of his BusManagement involvement.

-- Timur Ismagilov

Hi Timur, welcome! I think I was the last one who invested time into the TourBus system and the central pages here. I wanted to increase the visability of all wikis and give new wiki projects an environment – a neighbourhood – to grow. I used my ProWiki engine for a number of such grass root projects. It was iirc the time of WikiSym2005 and some years after. -- Anyway, I lost focus on this project, and didn't care for it at least for the last ten years, and nobody complained. Therefore, I think, it would be unfair to restrict you in any way to reform or revive the TourBus. Please, do what you want to do. Drop dead bus stops. If someone complains, be so kind to offer them a new place on a fitting route. -- HelmutLeitner

Hello. Seems like I am some sort of successor to you. Very well, I will do what I find necessary. Let's hope I do not make the buses even more dead. -- TimurIsmagilov


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