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WikiChampion is the name for an employee of an organisation, who acts as an in-house wiki expert for the wiki that is intended to be used. He supports all the users, which may be a part-time or full-time job, depending on the size of the organisation. Typically the WikiChampion comes from the IT department or from a technical department.

In most cases the wiki serves as a knowledge base to improve collaboration within the organisation, and it is not public.

An organisation wants to start a wiki for in-house use. The overall situation maybe that the organisation wants to improve its KnowledgeManagement?.

The users don't know enough about wiki and it is too inefficient that each user builds know-how on his own.

One employee takes the role of an wiki expert, who knows all about the wiki and support the users.

Connected patterns:
A WikiKickOffEvent? may be used to present the wiki in its initial form to those involved.

In a more complex situation, especially if the wiki is larger or has a public part and needs quality control, when its goal is to churn out news or articles, an EditorialTeam? may be installed.

An unimaginative company might name the person in charge "wiki admin" or "wiki sysop". The name WikiChampion is used in literature.



NathanielThurston -- Mon Aug 31 09:50:48 2009

It seems like one of the most important tasks of any WikiChampion is to teach InternetLiteracy.

SunirShah -- Mon Aug 31 14:58:14 2009

While I was doing enterprise wiki sales, one of the biggest qualifiers was whether or not the customer had a WikiChampion. If they did not, the probability of a successful project (let alone sale) seemingly dropped to nearly zero.

HelmutLeitner -- Mon Aug 31 15:42:40 2009

Nathaniel, typically the WikiChampion will *not* teach people InternetLiteracy. He will do his job, he will do what he is paid for. Maybe he will do a friendly favour occasionally, maybe show his expertise in his own interest. But his primary interest is not to raise the general know-how of his group, if he has no explicite order to do this. Just as a WikiHost? typically doesn't educate his members beyond the necessary, just as Wikipedians never shouted out loud that wiki is a general system and wikipedia is just one wiki project.

The typical attitude is not to divert attention from the wiki/system/project focused.

JuanmaMP -- Mon Aug 31 16:14:18 2009

In accordance with prior comment (I guess), techies must immunize themselves against a degree of pressure, or whatever it is, exercised from some clients, who prefer techies as instrumental "How-To"s, instead of responsible knowledgable humans "Just Do It"s.

It's not a trivial matter, this can lead to stressful scenarios, therefore (in a sense of contaminated roles) it needs some immunization. So it appears merely a question of regulating business roles.

I think that the precedent comment make a good fit to their context.

(Thanks to FridemarPache for help drafting a fragment of the comment)

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