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The idea is to connect wikis around the world using a network structure of WikiNode-pages. The idea was developed by LionKimbro and brought to many wikis by MattisManzel, who is actively exploring and developing it. Because of the ConnectedGraphSquaringProblem a meta-layer has been added to the concept recently.

A WikiNode page should contain:

About the local wiki:

Links to the neighborhood nodes:

Links to the other neighborhood:

Note that for non-English communities, reflection wikis typically exist in two languages (in the native language and English). This is necessary to separate language layers and to communicate experiences.



So, in a way, it is comparable to the TourBus, but with a slightly different philosophy and implemented in a different way.

Advantages (compared to the TourBus):

Disadvantages (compared to the TourBus):

Advantages of the TourBus:

Hint: WikiNodeIdea and TourBus are similar ideas and are not in a competition against each other. Use them both to connect your wikis as good as possible. Don't forget to look for and enter the various directory systems (like http://www.worldwidewiki.net/wiki/SwitchWiki or [GründerWiki:WikiVerzeichnis]). It's much harder to get into WikiPedia or OpenDirectoryProject (maybe consider entering these as long term goals).


Thanks Helmut for this page. TourBus and wiki-node are in no competition. I started putting a link to each othere if both TourBusStop and WikiNode exist on a wiki but I forgot recently. I have to take a look again, just hopped on the bus once in the beginning. On the open guide to london http://london.openguides.org/index.cgi?WikiNode I linked both systems, they combine pretty good I think. -- MattisManzel

Mattis, you've still not answered, what WikiNodesWiki and NodeWiki? are all about! -- HelmutLeitner

Sorry, new idea about the node. It goes about like that:

The page RecentChangesOfOurNeighbors? shows the recent changes of the neighbors the community thinks are wikis in the neighborhood. It is triggered by a ranking of wikis on the list of neighbors on the wiki-node. Whoever, actively most likely the members of a community of a wiki sign neigbors they like. The neighbor wikis on the wiki-node get ranked by the number of their signs. On RecentChangesOfOurNeighbors? it lets you choose from how many neighbors you want to see the recent changes of. You choose 3 and get the three most favorite wikis of the community. Please see [s23-wiki: recent changes of our neighbors], please. + the discussion page, thx -- MattisManzel

Mattis, I think I just understood the meaning of WikiNodesWiki and NodeWiki?. Maybe we should reconsider their naming. -- HelmutLeitner

Important yes. wiki-node, node-wiki, node-wiki-for-xxx-wikis (url NodeWiki?4XxxWikis), else small case what's small case: university, meat, ball, community. Big only what's really big-case: Berlin, Gründer (a German substaniv), Mattis-Manzel. The word "wiki" is always small-case. Use "-" a lot. It augments understandability. Kommunikations-Architektur-wiki, not Kommunikationsarchitektur-wiki, meat-ball-wiki, not meatball-wiki ;) K, to be thought about. But you'll admit that the first case it's usefull. How can we name node-wikis better? MattisManzel

Instead of node-wiki-for-city-wikis why not use CityWikiCentre? (city-wiki-centre). Case and hyphens are of minor importance, just a matter of taste. MeatballWiki is basically a wiki-centre. GründerWiki a german-wiki-centre. -- HelmutLeitner

The node-wiki-for-...-wiki idea lames. We will have maps that show us where within wikilandia centre-wiki are in use and these maps will have a (graphical) history that shows us how conglumeration develops. It will be dynamic. Therefor node-wik-for... lames. But for the moment and as we have no working wikilandia-wide processing of WikiMetaData? (camelcasing and hoping it's a link) yet the idea will do. Titels can be changed later (EditableTitle). -- MattisManzel

MattisManzel, 2005-11-27: university-wiki-centre, city wiki-centre, sounds good to me, far better than node-wiki.


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