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What exactly do you mean by WikiSym community events? Is this like a planning going-out-to-dinner in the evenings? -- BayleShanks

We have time during one of the 4-5:30pm breaks (or something like that) to do things. I'll dig up the details. Plus we might organize evening events. I'm not entirely sure what that means for us. I'm asking for ideas. We could host a party, for instance. -- SunirShah

or do some OpenSpace. --JohnAbbe

Yea John! I like that.
Here are the CA facilitators:
Rae Levine
Joy Keller Weidman
Lisa Heft
Jeff Aitken
and I wonder if TedErnst is coming? Yes, I'm in.
all though I find it interesting that the OpenSpaces? organization has a read only wiki... not actually read-only, just password protected, you can get the password easily, let me know and I can help - major spam problem and not enough community on the wiki to protect against it --TedErnst

Here is a brainstorm:

We could have a race, which would be unusual and wacky and make good pictures. See WikiVanning

We could throw a birthday party for WikiSym.

We could have a group cooking session.

We could have a mini WikiSym olympics.

We could do a tour of some part of San Diego.

To help people understand wiki's history, do a community timeline. with artwork or something. have people pick a peice(s) of wiki timeline and do something around it.

If someone knows of a convenient pub, I'll buy a round or beer. (Hmmm... Should this have one of those ... For the first NN arrivals caveats?) Ideally, this offer will be 'concurrent' with several of the other suggestions and not have an "appear sober afterwards" condition. -- HansWobbe

re: OpenSpace. I'm going to be hosting a giant group facilitation session during the Future of Wikis panel to solicit ideas / complaints / resources from the public about what they want from the wiki community. We could and should organize a post-mortem break out session to direct resources and efforts on Monday. We can make this concurrent with a party. If we provide some resources at the party, like flipcharts, markers, 8.5/11" paper, and masking tape for signage & records, and some wi-fi, we can include the bar as one of the open space rooms. -- SunirShah

Anyone arriving Saturday night? Write your name for a meal/pub trip the night before. -- MartinCleaver

   * MartinCleaver 



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