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WikiTechnology has the capacity to capture in text the kinds of intuitive and non-linear connections that the mind makes (see Wiki:WikiWordsAreConcepts). This makes wikis ideal for both online communities (see OnlineCommunity and CommunityOnline) and also knowledge management. All implementations of WikiTechnology have both of these dimensions present, but with varying degrees of emphasis. In fact, the different implementations can be placed along a continuum with open communities on one end of the spectrum and private WikiAsPims on the other.

What are the general effects of introducing WikiTechnology? Are Wiki communities generally for or against rapid change in WikiTechnology? What methods lead to the best & fastest development of new WikiTechnology? (i don't expect immediate answers, i just though those questions would simultaineously give focus to this page and explain why i revived it)

Actually, it's difficult to run scientifically correct experiments on an active community. You want to do no harm, but extract as much information as you can. Trying to draw conclusions that don't logically follow (though may hypothetically follow) is tenuous at best. Oh well. -- SunirShah (this comment was referring to CategoryFilteredRecentChanges)

One way to study the influence of technology is to have lots of different wiki communities, each with its own chosen set of features. Over time one can see the effects of technology without interfering too much. -- HelmutLeitner

Another way is to accept that interference is not only unavoidable in any study, but can be embraced as a good thing to do. Thus the aim of an ActionResearch? study is to establish improvements in a community's communications through making changes in the technology or other factors, in a series of iterative cycles, checking back with the community frequently for opinions both good and bad, as to how things are going. -- AndyRoberts

Voir DossierTechnologieWiki

Quels sont les effets généraux de présenter la TechnologieWiki ? Est-ce que les communautés wiki sont généralement pour ou contre les modifications rapides dans la TechnologieWiki ? Quelles sont les méthodes qui mènes aux développement les meilleurs et les plus rapides de nouvelles technologies wiki ? (Je ne m'attends pas des réponses immédiates, je pose simplement ces pour que nous nous reconcentrions sur cette page)

A vrai dire, il est difficile de faire fonctionner des exépériences scientifiquement correctes sur une communauté active. Vous ne voules pas faire de dommages, mais extraire autant d'information que vous le pouvez. Essayer d'esquisser des conclusions qui ne suivent pas logigement (bien qu'elles puissent hypothétiquement suivre) est tout au mieux très mince. Oh oui. -- SunirShah (ce commentaire renvoyait vers le DossierModificationsRécentesFiltrées)

See WikiTheory



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