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MarkDilley needs to refactor this page soon.

Maybe this page needs to be titled WeblogWikiSystem? - as I am now experimentingt with BliKi? and love it. (just hope it has some nice features of weblogs). This page is me trying to BludgeonTheData? with weblog users, trying to help them understand the importance of wiki ideas.

What is needed:

I think we could start a few more WikiLog offshoots. My personal homepage has made the slow transition from read-only wiki, to wiki, to wikilog, so somewhere within me I feel some ideas are wanting to come out; they just need a little prodding. The rest of this page doesn't seem very interesting. I think we should take the good stuff and put it on WikiLog (or one of the new offshoots) and delete (or redirect) this page. WikiWeblog and WikiBlog should both redirect to WikiLog. -- AlexSchroeder

Offshoots / inspirations:


In effect TwikiClone and Wiki:SwikiFarm could be used for this too DaveChristenson

Also see AbbeNormal:WikiWeblogs

Could we speak here with SergeStinckwich (french adaptation of the MoniWiki - korean WikiEngine localized in french dedicated to some experiences of WikiSchool?) ? -- ChristopheDucamp

Self organizing WikiWeblog structures.

BlogWiki? is a wiki devoted to blogs and blogging ( the only one, as far as I know ) http://theconnexion.net/cgi-bin/blogwiki.pl

Messy notes:

I have spent nearly two years (four now, I think it is starting to seep in) conversing with people about the usefullness of wikis. Many, many people just don't get it. So, quite by accident, I started working on a weblog, and found that I could create any FrontPage I wanted, so I had access to self organize more structured, more understood and accepted weblogs, in to a wiki like system. That's the idea anyway, @ They Call Us Troublemakers below.

[George Hotelling] posts about wiki and weblogs
"Mark is looking for a tool to organize blogs and he thinks in wikis. He wants interlinking, backlinks and recent changes distributed across a network of blogs."
and he also has this insight. "Another mental framework I stumbled on is that blogs link to the past and wikis link to the future."

I sat down to try my hand at a "true" weblog, not the posting I had been doing over at YpsiEyeball?:TheDailyDilley?, but a proper weblog.

After thinking about it for a while, I became excited about the potential to self organize like we do on wiki. In fact I came to the conclusion that one of the most important aspects of wikis were their ability to be self organized. However another of the most important aspects of wiki is not a part of traditional weblogs. Namely ease of editing. The open editing of wikis I felt comfortable placing in an open comments section, for now.

[ TheyCallUsTroubleMakers?] is, for me, the start of this idea of WikiWeblogs?. But the clearest example so far is on my WikiWeblog - [MarkDilley]

This idea is still messy, thanks for your patience with me. MarkDilley

This idea of self organizing wikis and wiki pages isn't like anything that I have seen anywhere. I toyed with the idea of calling it WeblogWiki?, because that is more how it actually functions, but prefer the cleaner sounding WikiWeblog. WikiLog is extremely unclear to me.
Obviously these are not open edit wiki pages. So that is a problem, and the markup is html, another problem. RecentChanges is also a problem (closer to a [solution].
No sooner do I declare possible solution, and the site is refusing me. I'll check back in a little while. - MarkDilley
But regardless of those issues I am quite excited about "regular" people understanding how this works. In the wiki sense. MarkDilley (ps I am down with outright deleting the WikiBlog page)

I am totally confused. You seem to be using the term WikiWeblog differently from me -- as if it were a project or a site somewhere. To me, a WikiWeblog is the same as a WikiLog -- a site that runs a wiki and has blogging features. Can you clarify? -- AlexSchroeder

I am using the term WikiWeblog differently than you, if I had meant what you mean, I would have put it on the WikiLog page. I am talking about self organizing pages, weblogs specifically, but generally any page (thus the inclusion of Network Lawyers) - In my mind WikiWeblog (WeblogWikiSystem?) does not equal a WikiLog.


The idea that everyone have access to their own locally based wiki, a PersonalWiki.


I'm currently experimenting with a ZWiki and weblog (similar to the PersonalWiki and SubWiki approach described above), if you're interested see http://openspirit.homelinux.net/noowiki/ZwikiWeblog - FlorianKonnertz

I'm confused. What exactly do you mean by "self-organising"? Do you mean the web-site organises itself (which the term suggests to me), or that you organise it yourself (which from your usage I think you mean, but am not sure)? -- ChrisPurcell

When I say self organizing, what I mean is that I- with very little technical know how - can set up a wiki like organization if pages. -- MarkDilley

More to the point, is time no longer the overwhelming factor in the organization? If so, it is not a weblog.

Not sure what you mean, but as I said above, there currently is no way that I know of to do this type of community growing. So time is not the overwhelming factor currently. The ability to do it is the overwhelming factor. IMHO - It takes no more that 15 minutes to set up a WeblogWikiSystem?. ( or another title for this idea.) -- MarkDilley

If i'm understanding you correctly Mark, you've made a bunch of weblogs, and are exploring wiki-like ways of inter-connecting them? I imagiine it would be a lot easier with PikiePikie or another of the already-integrated wiki & weblog systems out there, which allows for multiple weblogs (See AbbeNormal:WikiWeblogs; also Socialtext is finally getting close to recommendable). Some require a little technical know-how to set up, but once up, creating weblogs within them is trivial. Or are you trying to figure out how to do this across all the variety of weblog systems already in use?

The things we're trying to name are moving targets (as people write new code and come up with new ways of using it) WikiLog was at least initially about a very particular combination of wiki and weblogs. I've always used wiki-weblogs to mean anything that explores the overlap of the two media. Now i'm trying to understand what Mark means by WikiWeblog. Looking at his setup, it looks like weblogs organized in a little bit of a wiki-like way (the links at the top of each of his weblog). I would guess he'd be open to special modifications, but i dunno. --JohnAbbe


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