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Wikis exist around the world. You don't believe it: Look at Wiki:ThankYouWard. Wikis are everywhere: from Spain to Sweden, from England to Korea, from Germany to the USA. (see also WorldWideWiki:SwitchWiki)

http://WikiWorld.com is also a new Wiki community experimenting in WikiWorld:ExtremeCollaboration and ObjectWiki.
WikiWorld is also a personal wiki which runs on both MS Windoze and the Palm OS. WikiWorld can be found at http://www.dogmelon.com.au/
I tried to survey the 'wiki progression'. Therefore I looked at the counter Google gives when searching the word 'RecentChanges' by example. It probably is a good 'marker' for wiki presence although some wikis have the word on all pages, some not. Some wiki does not use this word at all. The Google count fluctuates somewhat : Sometimes it is more, sometimes it is less. However, it seems to progress from month to month :-). Today (14oct2002) [Google('RecentChanges')] returns 'about 236,000'. You'll find more 'statistics' on [ReseauCitoyen.be] (in French).

-- ChristopheCattelain

This way you systematically underestimate foreign language wikis, because many use translated UIs without "RecentChanges". E. g. a search of .at domains returns only 2800 pages, but wikiservice.at alone currently hosts about 7500 pages indexed by google (only about 1000 in English). Currently [Oct 2002] I estimate about 15-30,000 wiki pages in Austria (.at domains) and a growth rate of about 70-100% per year. -- HelmutLeitner [Oct 2002]

Thanks Christophe and Helmut. Could we find out a more precise estimation for LangueFrançaise ? A first table has been published on CraoWiki:WikisDansLeMonde and could be opened to some discussion (in french naturally) -- ChristopheDucamp

Check the approximate growth of the wiki: [Google('RecentChanges')]

Helmut, why does this number mean at least a million? MarkDilley

I think that there are at least 300.000 pages (30%) that are either not indexed or not found by this search. Foreign language pages usually have a different name for "RecentChanges". The google search only finds 2800 out of 25000 pages from WardsWiki because it has no rc link on each page. Google does not find all pages or needs many months to find its way, if at all. -- HelmutLeitner

It is fairly easy to prove that there are at least one million wiki pages out there. The English Wikipedia has over one million articles. QED

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