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about me

AlixPiranha is not my legal name, but it is also not a PseudoNym in the sense most people use it. if you're interested, see CaseOfPiranha? for the story. i am a guest here (see GuestRole), and while i do not wholeheartedly support UseRealNames, and disagree quite vehemently with some of the reasoning, i definitely support the intention behind it -- which i understand is to have this wiki be a professional and serious undertaking.

i am, and have been known for a long time (even in net terms) by "piranha" all across the net, as well as in MeatSpace. yes, i am voracious. yes, i have sharp teeth. i try to bite only when somebody deserves it. :) where i am not "piranha" these days, i am "pleonastic", or "pleonastic piranha", due to the username of "piranha" already having been taken. "alix" is becoming a more and more personal name, and usually only friends (online or offline) call me by it.

you can find me in the following places:

   [piranha's tank] -- my journal

   [orkut profile] -- membership required.

   [gooroos software] -- my company; we write customized plugins and scripts for high-end graphics.

   [livejournal userinfo] -- i use LJ to access locked friends pages and to comment in communities that interest me.

   [CommunityWiki homepage]

   [email: piranha@gooroos.com]

   i'm pir on #wiki, #wiki-de, #onebigsoup.

most of my activity has been on UseNet. just drop my email address into the author search on google and get ready to be thrilled for hours and hours (just kidding about the thrill). i am not only voracious, i am also verbose. darn; i should have picked a name starting with 'v' for the alliterative effect.

i've been part of online communities for 30 years, and i came here to talk with other people about the things we have learned from our experiences and observations.

unless otherwise indicated by me, all my contributions to the corpus of MeatballWiki are released into the public domain. this means you do not have to ask me whether you may use anything i write here elsewhere; you may. please feel free also to de-sign comments i make while refactoring, correct spelling, etc -- i know that's generally a wiki thing to do, but as a newbie to wikis myself, i think it's worthwhile mentioning for other newbies. this homepage is excepted, however; please do ask me if you want to use anything from here.


 * SpaghettiWiki and FractalWiki -- transfer ideas from notes.
 * write about making formatting rules easier to find.
 * introduce the meatballers to PLATO


i'll be hanging around here, finishing some stuff i started. just trying to keep myself out of discussion that's bound to only aggravate me and others, for now. hope i can get across that i don't hate this place or anyone in it; that it's just a mismatch of my internal atmosphere with some of the tone here.

watching a new page start, adding to it, seeing it rewritten by different people is really fascinating. my only other experience with this in immediate back-and-forth action (rather than the timeless way it happens with older pages) has been on CW, and that's been really different from here. watching/participating with AvoidConflict here; fun to come back to RC, looking forward to seeing what the next person has done. want to write something more about the impressions i'm getting.

comments and messages

Welcome to meatball :) You dove head-in asking us tricky questions about what your real name might be, and I'm not sure I got as far as saying that. Your copyright statement is close to PrimarilyPublicDomain, if you haven't spotted that page... -- MartinHarper

Welcome to Meatball! (I figure a new namepage deserves a new welcoming. ;) -- SunirShah

Welcome! -- SebPaquet

    thanks for the welcomes, guys!

May 5, 2004. For valiantly defending us against a persistent spammer. -- SunirShah

    thanks much, Sunir.  very appreciated. --p

I'm happy that you got the BarnStar. Thank you for defending mb. But I think there is more to it. Your ability to walk on an old battleground without aggressiveness. Your willingness to back your views with rich personal background. Congratulations. -- HelmutLeitner

Was wandering around and saw the Why you should never put your picture on the Internet ... link you had given in SunirsMessageBox?. Hilarious! -SelvakumarGanesan

from elsewhere

Welcoming a newcomer with the text, "my sentiments exactly. but those with the illusions up their behinds are gonna delete this page -- just wanted to say welcome, and thanks for your contributions before that happens," (emph. mine) was not constructive nor professional. I appreciate you disagree with UseRealNames, but extending that disagreement through flamebait to newcomers' pages is just a ForestFire, and hence inappropriate. -- SunirShah

Moving here because extending the disagreement elsewhere is also inappropriate. Though I do feel it's possible to vehemently disagree without posting flamebait. What happened to the respectful discussion we had at CaseOfPiranha??

oh, you took that seriously? that was just a joke! what happened to your famous sense of humour?


of course it wasn't just a joke. it was a reflection of how Sunir's "jokes" play in my ears. seems like he heard the same loud screeching that i hear when he says disparaging things about net.culture, geeks, or bloggers. interesting, no?

i'm amused about the "professionalism" here. damn straight what i said wasn't professional. neither is a portion of what he says -- but it doesn't get deleted. constructive? no, not particularly. well, the anonymous poster might have found a little empathy constructive, after finding the page deleted without any acknowledgment of zir contributions (because this wasn't an anomymous twit; this was somebody who made useful contributions; i read RC religiously -- i consider treating such a person with disdain unprofessional, disrespectful, and foolish -- not constructive either). ForestFire? the only ForestFire around here is your hyperbole, Sunir; it's running away with you.

what happened, Martin, is that i've undergone several weeks of Sunir posting too much stuff in various places that screeches in my mind. i mostly manage to stay peaceful, but now and then i am apparently unable to resist poking his balloon when i think it gets too inflated. not certain whether i should try harder; it is such a big balloon. -- p

MarkDilley deleted the page, BTW, not Sunir. You can't say Mark's not a welcoming fellow; perhaps he just thought it was a SandBox page. Sunir's text was fairly welcoming. Just a reality check on details; not a comment either way on your broader concerns or actions. -- anon.

i didn't say Sunir deleted the page; i know how to read revision history. whether Mark is in general a welcoming fellow is irrelevant to a newcomer who doesn't know the players yet. Sunir's text came after my entry (and there were several iterations; his original wasn't professional nor welcoming, but slightly disparaging). so, if anyone here actually needs a reality check, let's be complete about it. but yeah, this is just a minor thing; not terribly important to my concerns, and it's not like the author of the page was terribly respectful zirself on that page, mind. -- p

Thought I should weigh in since I started this thing. Moo Moo (or whatever there name is) knew about the UseRealNames, as it was on their page. Given that, in my sleepy state, I just threw a DeletedPage on top of their page. I am usually a very welcoming person on wiki, but being tired and seeing it as a direct challenge to the culture here at meatball, I didn't go above and beyond to make them feel welcome. Maybe my bad, but... MarkDilley

Alix - I guess I'm more tolerant of attacks on cultures than attacks on people. You seem more tribal in nature (not meaning that offensively), so perhaps it's the other way round? Certainly that would explain why you read screeches where I read humour - and vica versa. Still, I don't like Bush's ideas, but you don't see me.... oh wait, you do. Never mind then. :)

All I can say is that these are difficult times for me and for us all, and I am grappling with difficult conflicting ideas, and I find that has often shaken loose in the wrong way these days, and I apologize. -- SunirShah



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