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I am an instructional designer for the [Educational Technologies Office of the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education].

Welcome to Meatball, Bill. -- ChrisPurcell

Bill, welcome. Although there are a lots of people interested in wiki in education environments - me too - there is no systematic overview. Wiki:MarkGuzdial started very early with his CoWeb. A number of universities use wikis, like WikiFish and JuraWiki. The German remote learning univerity in Hagen is very active (MarcoKalz is just organizing a wiki workshop at the e-learning confernece in Hamburg, Sep 20). Wiki:AlainDesilets and SebPaquet worked especially with younger children using their specially optimized LizzyWiki for collaborative writing and usability studies. Switzerland is top, with BeatDoebeli and AndresStreiff pioneering wikis at schools and pedagogical institutions. ChristopheDucamp started the WikiSchool? initiative, mainly in France, but it seems it didn't really take off. I'm providing about a dozen wikis for various educational projects, AlliedSchoolsGraz just started to connect eight schools in five countries for projects during the next 15 months. -- HelmutLeitner



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