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Diagnosis: advanced testicular cancer, metastases in the gastrointestinal area and the lungs. Therapy: four times a week in the ward (nine hours a day on the needle) and two weeks regeneration at home. Current Situation: Finished chemo. Now I will run through several examination stages and labs. By the end of may I should have regenerated enough to be ready for a final operation. Emotional Sitation: Tired. Ward: Kaiser Franz Josef Spital Vienna, 3rd medical department.

Words are never enough. We had two cancer cases in the family recently. Ich drück' dir die Daumen. -- AlexSchroeder

I also wish I had more than words to give. My thoughts go out to you. -- SunirShah

Everyday that I can be thankful for friends like you is a day well spent. -- David

David, I haven't heard from you in a while and I was getting concerned. How is it going? -- SunirShah

I finished my last stationary visit in the ward yesterday evening. Currently everything goes as planned and I'm scheduled for surgery at the end of may. -- David

Best of luck for the rest of therapy! -- Alex

Here some RealPhoto as of 2004-03-10:

Yippieh! David's back! Take your time to sleep a lot though. Immer schön langsam mit die jungen Pferde, sachte, und denn mit'n Ruck! -- MattisManzel

Good luck, ick denk' an dir den 19., wa, and see you later alligator. -- Mattis Manzel

David, I haven't been around lately, but I happy to come and see you're doing well! You're nearing the homestretch. It must be good to be back home again. I wish you the best, although I envy your free time for the next two months. Just don't watch daytime television. I don't know if TV there is anything like TV here, but if it is, I'd be looking strongly at my overflowing bookshelf to reduce my Wiki:ReadingDebt. Soap operas and golf! ugh. ;) -- SunirShah

Well done! Thanks David. -- Mattis Manzel

Most glad to hear it! Is your life now getting back to normal? -- SunirShah

Slowly :) -- DavidSchmitt

For people who can stomach it: [aestethics of life] - pictures from my surgery.

Stayin' Alive!

David, it's great to hear you're doing well! Let summer roll on through! -- SunirShah

Braindump on WikiAesthetics?

Links about the WikiUserInterface?:

This article has its point. While I agree that polishing the HTML output will not improve collaboration, I think it will at least help the mass of readers to relate to the site. Discussing with my colleagues we brought up the question of correlating and even substituting reputation with design: Why do people believe in hoaxes, just because they're posted on pages that look like CNN? And why is this even intended behaviour? See corporate identity.
I'd change that even to an especially and have to acknowledge that different people often accept quite different conceptions what "disappears" below the concious perception levels.

1. Comments and Discussion

I believe that with some HTML cleanup and good CSS, wikis can look as nice as you can make them. Finally CSS implementation of (some) current browsers is good enough to really use it. -- AlexSchroeder

I don't dispute that. I just feel that todays websites do (conceptually) the same thing people did with HTML, the first time they could say "Finally HTML implementation of (some) current browsers is good enough to really use it." Nobody in his right mind uses rainbow colored horizontal rulers nowadays or <blink>s text.

Nowadays one has gratitious link-rollovers and 11-pixel-fixed-size-fonts. Where is the difference?

A screenshot from my browser:

I know, it's my own fault to have a 19" screen with more than 800x600 where I cannot read 11px fonts nativly and it's also my own fault that I use Mozilla who cannot cope with enlarging fonts which have a fixed line-height(!!) from a CSS. On the other hand, I have yet to encounter a wiki with a fixed line-height. But probably half of all blogs I visited in the last 24 hours have this. That is FeatureKarma at its worst: "Cool, at last CSS is implemented everywhere" implying that every neat little feature it has has to be used wether it makes sense or not. People would do themselves a favor in realizing that the web is no print medium and attempts to prescribe pixel-by-pixel appearance on the users system brings way less than it costs. -- DavidSchmitt, tired of rehashing it over and over again (especially at 1:30 in the morning)

Until recently I had a 19" monitor with 1600x1200 -- and I cannot agree more. But now I bought a cheapo 15" LCD with 1024x768. The resolution the web is supposed to be best viewed with. Heheheh. -- AlexSchroeder

<declaim>Oh, shoot! And again you come haunt me at 2:00 in the morning.</declaim> Perhaps I should use my laptop for day-to-day work there I too don't need enlarged fonts. Sometimes I think we are just a bunch of lunatics who should stop worrying about such trifles no one else cares about and get on with life. -- DavidSchmitt, who can't believe having written the last sentence.

[1] talks about styling webpages with CSS and links to [2] which are a bunch of really amazing CSS jobs. Most of them even look good with my big fonts but are still bothced when resizing the window. CSS formatted pages are really fail-open!

Todays wonderful quote (from WikiDefined):

Wikis force us to accept that people really are good; that you don't need guns. In today's fearful tearful world, that's no small shrift. -- SunirShah

Wikis nötigen uns zur Einsicht, dass Menschen gut sind; dass man keine Kanonen braucht. Heute, in einer Welt voll Angst und Tränen ist das kein kleines Bekenntnis. -- SunirShah (Translation MattisManzel)

hello, David! thanks a lot for your help with my german over on CW, it sounds a lot more natural to me now. it was fun to talk with you on IRC, and i am still chuckling at "Fadenzustand saugt". :) my very best wishes for your upcoming surgery. -- AlixPiranha

David, absolute best of luck to you in your forthcoming surgery, and all my good wishes from here in the UK. -- EarleMartin

Strange trivia: cofounder of the GiftfileProject? maintains a fork of UseModWiki [3]. But please don't judge my abilities by that :-). --JohnBelmonte?

glad to hear the surgery went well! and thanks to your father for keeping us informed. hope you get to go home soon! -- AlixPiranha

Hey that's good news. David, pir, where are you? -- MattisManzel

Group is its own worst enemy: http://www.shirky.com/writings/group_enemy.html

Perhaps that could be categorized somewhere ...

Hi, David ... Think Fortran some years back - remember the Wageners? We stay in touch with your folks at Christmastime, and your mother sent us the link to this site. We are sending you the very best wishes for your continued recovery. Our son Jeff is here and last night he mentioned Wikis ... and since I had just seen this site, I was able to (weakly) act informed. So - this is my first Wiki entry - it's a neat facility. You may want to check out our [new house construction]. -- Jean Wagener



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