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A WikiBank is a trusted network for making transactions, based on the principle of OpenBusiness. As an intermediary we just created a prototype. A full-fledged wiki bank would make the transaction even easier. The purpose of a WikiBank is to serve as a community based instrument for realizing a SocialCommonWealth by:

To prove, that wikizens are entitled, to offer their peers goods like domains, we made public snapshots of our transactions, that after successfully confirmed, are now no longer availabe.

In the initial phase, this can be done manually. A WikiBank, based on the Wiki:WikiPrinciples and OpenBusiness, could offer a public RecentTransactions?, that could be filtered to each member's public transactions. In case of a transaction conflict ( e.g. two concurrent buy-attempts for a domain-name for the same price, would send special dialog fields to all parties involved to enter a negotiation dialog )

-- FridemarPache

Discussion: One important service of the WikiBank is to make the email-addresses of their members mutually accessable by a mediated email-service with heavy spam-filters.

By the way, [Make an Offer for WikiBank.com] offers this domain for 10,000$ (ten thousand) US dollars via a parking page (see Watch line below) , where only traditional banks are listed. I can't see any original idea-contribution, specific to the Wiki community, how to improve CreatingAndSharingWealth. As the author thinks, he has done much more to the community, he ponders to raise the next ask-price, offered to wiki peers here, after two days, by a considerable amount. Otherwise the value for the current low ask price of the top domain WikiBank.Biz (note the alliteration!) and the innovative concept round about it, wouldn't be appreciated appropriately. My offer is valid until May 29, 2007 10:59 AM UTC. -- [fridemar]

Seems like FaceBook's Marketplace is 80% of the way towards using a TrustNetwork? to manage transactions, and soon if not already there will be an IOU or RippleEconomy? marketplace application. -- SunirShah

Sunir, are you going to expand the terms FaceBook's Marketplace, TrustNetwork? or is it meant to be a hint to explore this network. Or is it already part of a public negotiation for playing down the ask value for WikiBank.biz ;-) as the first step into an OpenBusinessWiki. Our dialog is an interesting source for inspiration. In such a case, after the OpenBusiness concept within the framework of wikis has matured enough, there could be opponents and proponents. Proponents would deliver open arguments, contributions and (trans-)actions to enhance the value of a WikiBank.biz. Opponents would give open counterarguments or develop similar models, based on their owned domain-names. But there are still other options for CreatingAndSharingWealth in the community:

The example, we are practising now, has as special transaction object, a domain-ownership. Due to our conversation the initial author adapted the above intro accordingly. Do you allow the author to blog the whole page, including your statements? This would make the documentation in the blog archive much easier. Thank you in any case. -- [fridemar]

Now, that WikiBank.biz (the WikiBank with biz), didn't find a buyer in the last two days within the wiki-community, the author thinks, that it needs some more work to develop the awareness for the economic value of a WikiBank. Perhaps some peers have already bought the "regional" domain-names *.us, *.eu as suggested by the author. In this case, please be invited to practise the paradigm of OpenBusiness and enter the synergistic process of value generation by collaborating on the refinement of the concept. You can contribute as you did it in the past. But now your contributions will be value enhanced, even if you are not a domain-owner of WikiBank. The value creation process works now as follows:

The current owner of WikiBank.biz increases his ask-price to a less symbolic ask price of 10,000 US$ (ten thousand), holding this offer valid until Tuesday, the 5th June 2007, 12:00 Am UTC. He pledges 1000$ to MeatballWiki, in case this transaction is made as

For simplifying the open transaction, the domain-owner can have their domain pointing to their Blog.

Wiki peers, even without a similar domain-name, who collaborate, create value for themselves by


Fridemar... Please see stated "acceptance" of your offer. -- HansWobbe

Hans ... although I cannot see the conditions for my 100$ offer fullfilled, I am ready to negotiate. See our interaction in SocialCommonWealth. -- [fridemar]

Our company, [Two Peas Consulting, LLC] would like to offer WikiBank.com for sale, to this group, for $2500US. Please contact us should you have interest? [Dave Lalande]
Our company, [wikibank.tk wikibank.tk] would like to offer WikiBank.tk for sale, to this group, for $0US. Please contact us shoulf you have not interest.
Dear fridemar here is an attempt to create a wikibank. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Bank_of_Wikipedia The user who created the bank is still permanately banned from wikipedia and wikia [1]. Where are you going? What are you trying to achieve? If this is not the appropriate place to talk, point to a place where we can discuss about a wikibank. -- anon (inserted by fridemar for addressing, hoping to motivate you to replace it by a DomainBasedRealName, which is to me indispensable for OpenBusiness in an OpenBusinessWiki)

Dear anon, thank you for your attention and your link. I visited your link and had the impression, that Wikipedia doesn't (yet) appreciate the idea of Google:RealWikiMoney, to allow serious Wiki contributors to make a living from their Wiki contributions.

I admit, that it would be a great advance, for the idea of a general WikiBank, if there evolved a special BankOfWikipedia?, networked with WikiBank.Biz. Fortunately the idea of a WikiBank is much more general.

MeatballWiki and CommunityWiki are to me trusted places and communities, where the avangarde idea of a WikiBank for CreatingAndSharingWealth were introduced the first time in Web history. Counterexamples welcome to be bilinked from here.

I ask again Hans about his interest to buy WikiBank.Biz for the symbolic price of 100US$ in form of an OpenBusiness transaction within http://Aboutus.org, with WikiBlogging the whole process on both blogs as a PR-efficient prototype for similar transactions in the community. -- FridemarPache

PS.: To authenticate my contribution I copy it to my SocialCommonWealth blog.


Unfortunately We have nothing to link. All our work has been destroyed by the administrators of wikipedia and wikia, and , due to the lack of a dsl line and of web hosting , the bank fall into oblivion. We are very glad we discovered you, as you seem to share similar values. Following one of your links, I discovered communitywiki and their bank, and I made a post[2] there, asking about the rules that govern their newly created bank.

Watch [www.WikiBank.biz] [www.WikiBank.com] [www.WikiBank.net] [www.WikiBank.info] Google:WikiBank


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