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Currently developing my skills in facilitating online collaboration/learning/professional-personal development. Lecturing at third level, doing training. Still very interested in online etiquette and behaviour, and teaching that to new users. Advising on the creation of an online information learning space for young writers with http://kidsown.ie/ Wiki will be useful there :) MeatballWiki still great resource for me, though mostly I lurk and search. Updated 16 July 09 -- HeatherJames

Old wiki-related links.

To do!

I'd like to think more about practical information and intructions on how to build on a wiki; esp in terms of introducing the idea to newbies, in detail and very hands-on stuff of working on collab document editing.


I second that. It really deserves looking into. -- SebPaquet

Speaking of which, something I just dug up: http://informationr.net/ir/7-3/paper132.html -- SunirShah


Thanks for the messages, you can contact me via http://twitter.com/hjames if you use that. I'm going to look up the references below and see what has been happening. -- HeatherJames

Heather, welcome. I suppose you know the WikiSchool? project already? Although this is a different area, a lot of e-learning and design issues will be similar. Some features of the ProWiki might also be of interest: [CdmlElements], any page may have its own template and design (WikiFractality), some support for Flash and multiple choice questions. We will do active development to support learning applications. It would be nice to have some cooperation. -- HelmutLeitner

Welcome! My first visit to this Wiki was about a week ago. I found the BarnRaising page to be a very good starting point.--SelvakumarGanesan

''Bonjour Heather. Just to let you know I found your WikLossary? initiative very neat. Currently trying to do the same for LangueFrançaise. The project is currently based on FractalWiki:WikiGlossaire. WikiGlossaire? is not very original and we could find out a better name. Let's say I would like also to imagine it in the future as a real FractalWiki:WikiDétaché. Still need some work to adapt a better design, integrate a small logo and modify the licence :) -- ChristopheDucamp

Welcome Heather, I am interested in your KidsOwn? (Google:KidsOwn) project. Actually it should have a Wikipage on Meatball for inviting conversation. -- FridemarPache (PS.: Following you now on Twitter).

Good to see you again, Heather; Long time! -- LionKimbro



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