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I've just put together another (having just been scooped by SunirShah with his excellent MetaWiki) experimental InterWiki search engine. Please try it at


It currently can perform title searches across a number of different wikis.

This one is different than MetaWiki in that it executes the searches on the remote wikis in real-time ([MetaCrawler] style) as opposed to relying upon cached lists of page names.


This would make a good InterMap, similar to Sunir's

  MetaWiki http://sunir.org/apps/meta.pl?

I have this entry:

  InterWikiSearch http://www.dairiki.org/interwiki/search.php?title_words=


I'd love any advice for linking up our not so serious Wiki PGGWikit inspired by the HitchHikers? Guide to the Galaxy. (It uses Usemod). http://www.galactic-guide.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl


I'm not sure that I understand your request. Do you want PGGWikit included in the list of wikis (possibly) searched by the InterWikiSearch engine? If so: no problem (but let me know.) If not: please clarify. --JeffDairiki

Server-push seems to work on Opera (certainly v6, probably earlier)

Server-push works with IE 6 on Windows ME -- PaulMillar

search.php seems to have a problem with 3 wikis now: I've performed a search for text & formatting and got errors in PhpWiki, MoinMoin and WikiPedia. --DavidAndel
Thanks for the report. MoinMoin seems to be blocking request from my search engine, so I have dropped it. I've fixed the others, so I think all should be working. --JeffDairiki

Nice search engine! Thanks! I'll use it. ServerPush? mozilla-1.2a ok --FlorianKonnertz

How about creating an interface between search engines to connect them one to another? This could lead to soemthing like a distributed search engine build from many small search engines. Each could deploy it's own algorithm for merging the data from other search engines and the whole system would evolve. -- ZbigniewLukasiak

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