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Ah, the joys of RandomPage: CircleFlower.

January 17, 2004. For helping muck out the barn - it's always nicer with two :) -- ChrisPurcell

April 25, 2004. For editing all those categories by yourself. Yikes! -- SunirShah

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Johannes, I'd like to welcome you at Meatball, too. Maybe it's not the very best time to drop in, for I think we are all a bit tired from discussions. Sorry for that. Have a drink, look around, feel at home, become a friend. Is there anything you'd like to do here? Anything I or we can do for you? -- HelmutLeitner

Thank you for your welcome. I have two reasons for choosing this moment to drop in. I've been watching Meatball for two to three months now and I feel, as Sunir noted, that the endgame of the discussions surrounding SpaghettiWiki has begun. It seems appropriate to become a member on a fresh start, rather than during those discussions, as I don't think they would have benefited from more participants. I noted the other reason on Wiki:JohannesGijsbers right before I wrote the comment above, as it also concerns Wiki, but please read it.

As for my GoalStatement (I think that's what you're asking for, albeit not directly), I'm still unclear on it. For now, I can only say 'I want to learn', what and how remains to be seen. Before reaching Ha, Meatball was mostly a tool to solve problems on Wiki. Now I'm starting to feel like I have something to contribute, although it may not be much.

Ah, I see master JuneKim at work again. No, don't feel pressed for a goal statement, that would be much to early. Enjoy the freedoms of a guest for a month or two, become a regular contributor for a few months, then think about goals, if you feel a need to.

If you think that you have not so much to contribute - don't think about that. GoByCar. Build a history of cooperation and trust. Nobody knows the questions that will turn up and who will hold the technical or social clues. -- HelmutLeitner



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