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Joi Ito

Welcome Joi -- MarkDilley

Gee, thanks Mark! -- JoiIto

I didn't like the idea of having to register before looking at the wiki... -- AlexSchroeder

    Bonsoir Joi. Happy to see you here. What's new in SocialText ;) -- ChristopheDucamp

Alex, the login debate is an interesting one. I generally agree with you. I think that when try to use Wiki technology inside of enterprise, the idea of logins makes more sense. Obviously it it won't melt into the WikiWikiWeb well though. I'm right now trying to figure out how to turn the user/pass OFF on my Wiki. I'm using my WebDAV port since port 80 is being used by my streaming server... Maybe I should set up another box for my Wiki... -- JoiIto

Christophe, thanks for the welcome. You should zoom over to SocialText and take a look around. Some nice stuff there. I'm focused on the Emergent Democracy stuff. -- JoiIto

Nice to have you here, Joi! -- SebPaquet

''Bonjour! Following the trail from CraoWiki...Are we going to see you at BlogTalk, Vienna this May 23/24 ? Emergent Democracy is part of the agenda. -- GilbertCattoire

Sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I'm giving a talk at [ISC in Switzerland] during that period and can't go... --JoiIto

ps: is your hotmail adress working? or is the neoteny the preferred one to communicate on such issues?

I rarely check hotmail. Please use neoteny.com to communicate with me or try my new [public To Do List] -- JoiIto

Hey, you're going to be in Switzerland? I must see what this symposium is all about. As to the login problem -- I decided that I did not want to register, so I didn't even look at the wiki (samplesize 1, but it is a start ;). I just read your Emergent Democracy paper and have some feedback -- shall I just add it to your todo list? That seems kind-of weird. -- AlexSchroeder

Thanks for reading the paper Alex. Just made an [Emergent Democracy Paper page] on my Wiki. Can you put your comments there? -- JoiIto

Despite my expressed fears, that was an excellent paper. It's nice to see you here. Welcome to MeatballWiki. -- SunirShah

Thanks for the comments Alex and Sunir. I have to read my paper again to respond to your comments. :) I promise to post something on my [EmergentDemocracy] Wiki page by this weekend. -- JoiIto

see: InformationWantsToBeFree and LoginsAreEvil



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