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Welcome to the Josef Davies-Coates page.

I'm one of the founders of http://www.uniteddiversity.com

My friend GeoffArias is a good designer

My dad JonCoates is learning about wikis as I type

My main interests are:

MagicalMusic? - especially Funk, Soul and Reggae and especially live.

ParticipativeDemocracy? - social, economic, and political. its nonsense to try and seperate them.

MutualMoney? - essential for economic democracy

GlobalCommons? - who owns Earth?

RenewableEnergy? - who owns the Sun?

see also UnitedDiversity

Josef, what has happened to the udoo.org - the wiki seems to be down for the last week -Solarooguy
Is back up now at http://ud.lir.be - will be moving over to http://uniteddiversity.com soon.

Welcome Josef -- MarkDilley

thanks - making me feel at home :P - JDC

That's the point. :) Can't remember on what page we discuss this, however. I've been discussion democracy on JoiIto's wiki [1] these days... His topic is EmergentDemocracy?, based on his experience with WebLogs. -- AlexSchroeder

we've also just set up a wiki on [monetary reform and democracy] - JDC

Err . . . yes, I'm familiar with the Rocky Mountain Institute. They are a more traditional non profit than RockyMountainRescueGroup , with paid staff, a development director $7M annual budget, etc. Yes, they do good work on energy and resource issues. Why do you ask if I know them? DaveChristenson

no reason really, just wondered out of curiosity. - JDC

Hi, Josef, excuse me it I should have already said hi somewhere else to you, somewhere over in the wide landscapes of wikilandia. -- MattisManzel

Moved from RecentVisitors:

interesting discussions on KuroshinMojo. The world needs more participative and democratic ways of measuring value, since the predominant system preffered by the Global Monetocracy is rubbish (they measure everything in money created out of nothing as interest-bearing debt repayable to self-interested and unaccountable private banks that serve only to increase the capital ownership of the elite). Money, however is essentially just an information system we use to deploy human effort - nothing but an agreement within a community to use a common accounting system to measure the amounts and movements of value. We can agree to create new forms of money. Indeed, true co-operation will only become widespread with the widespread adoption of mutual forms of money creation (and wiki's and blogs - plones and scoops, and wifi, obviously). Please check out http://www.openmoney.org, read http://www.chelseagreen.com/Livelihood/MoneyEBook.htm and start programing (in Python please) something better than the Access !*! databases currently being used by http://www.timebanks.co.uk etc.

I gotta say, I think banks serve quite a few purposes besides increasing the capital ownership of the elite -- I'm sure you can think of a few of these if you try.. -- BayleShanks

Granted, both banks (and credit unions) provide a multitude of services - I was just on a bit of a rant. Replace "serve only" with "serve primarily" - there can be no doubt that an emergent property of the present private banking system (where 97% of the money supply is created as interest-bearing debt owed to privately owned, profit-seeking banks) is the further concentration of private capital ownership in the hands of the elite. After all, that's exactly why European monarchs struck a deal with the banking system and created central banks in the first place - initially in Sweden in 1668 to fund a war against Denmark, then in 1694 when King William of Orange created the Bank of England to finance a war against the French. - UnitedDiversity

Bayle, are you speaking specifically about private banks or public CreditUnions?? -- I am curious how this is integrated into our thinking on micro payments and other similar issues. MarkDilley

Both, I guess -- BayleShanks -- [check out this quick comparison] --md



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