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This page records the patches to MeatballWiki against the base UseModWiki installation, currently v0.92. A version of the script is held at http://usemod.com/mb.pl.txt even though there is no guarantee that is the actual version running the site (it has to be manually copied).

Global variables added:

 # Major options:
 $DeletedPage = 'DeletedPage';       # 0 = disable, 'PageName' = tag to  delete
 $ReplaceFile = 'ReplaceFile';       # 0 = disable, 'PageName' = tag to indicate file replacement
 @ReplaceableFiles = ();             # List of allowed server files to replace

 $InterFile   = "$DataDir/intermap"; # Interwiki site->url map

 push @ReplaceableFiles, $InterFile;

 sub GetFooterText { 
   $result .= " | <a href=\"http://sunir.org/apps/meta.pl?$id\">Search MetaWiki</a>";

   if ($Section{'revision'} > 0) {

In CommonMarkup put a \b in front of all the $LinkPatterns to avoid fooLinkPattern.

[I originally forgot that \b is a word-break marker rather than a space (which is \s).] I'm still not sure why this is necessary. I don't think the rare case of fooLinkPattern (which can be worked around with nowiki tags) is worth making this change. I can't think of cases where this would break existing text, however. --CliffordAdams

We don't have to apply it against the UseModWiki mainstream just yet. If it breaks on MeatballWiki, we can revert it. -- SunirShah

Should I apply UseMod:WikiPatches/SeparateCounters ? I feel like it's feature bloat, but I use it at work to solve the pesky numbered list problem, e.g.

  1. One.

  1. Two?

  1. Three?!

Hands up/down? -- SunirShah

CategoryToDo: Priorities

  1. Fix KeptPages.
  2. Automate off-site back up procedure.
  3. Automatically run the maintenance once a day.
  4. Unify UseModWiki mainstream with MeatballWiki (as much as possible).

Link to the patched script, or to a real diff? I really hate the format used for the patches on UseMod:WikiPatches. With a real file, I can use CVS or similar tools, check in common ancestors, create branches, merge selectively, etc. -- AlexSchroeder

agreed. if any of us really cared, though, we could always create diffs and post them on UseMod I guess. -- BayleShanks)

I have difficulties reading Unix diff output. I assume others less technically trained have the same problems. I also question the sanity of just throwing a diff onto the site instead of instructions on patching when people may have applied any number of patches in the interim. But I'm open to a better way. Manually creating a diff is a pain in the ass, and prone to different kinds of complexities than the Unix diff. I was contemplating adding a Unix diff pretty printer to the UseMod UseModWiki. -- SunirShah

A Unix diff pretty printer; as in you post a Unix diff but you can choose to view it in a nicer way? -- BayleShanks



Well, some people have the technical infrastructure they need to work with diffs -- basically they just apply the diff to get the patched file, and then work with two or three versions of a file in order to merge the various things. For example, I have wanted UseMod:WikiPatches/TaviStyleHistory for a long time now, and I still don't know how to follow the manual instructions. If I could just download a few patched scripts, then I could use other tools to help me do the merging I want. This is also why I do not need a diff pretty printer: I use other tools to process the stuff. -- AlexSchroeder

Well, if it's mainly the UseMod:WikiPatches/TaviStyleHistory, the NeuroWiki script may help you as well. It has some other differences to UseMod 0.92 than MeatBall, though. You can download the script from http://www.ifi.unizh.ch/~andel/neurowiki/nw.pl - have fun :-) -- DavidAndel

As to offsite backups -- any reason why you don't want to allow people to download the page database? (Even if people do not have the license to publish the downloaded content.) The EmacsWiki has a nice solution, see the three links below.

-- AlexSchroeder

There are two forces. From the Editor chair, I don't comprehend the legal issues of doing so, and it would be my ass. Also, it would really hurt ForgiveAndForget to make it easier for people to store tarballs of their favourite flame wars. At least now, you have my lethargy, um, word protecting us from that. From the Publisher chair, it would cost a lot of bandwidth on one hand and, given the current back up procedure, it could and would release some secure information.

After some quick mental thinking, while I don't see much difference technically from distributing the site as one tarball compared to downloading each page individually, at least until I install a SurgeProtector, I bet you that legally most jurisdictions would rule otherwise based even on existing case history. Think of the difference between compilations and individual volumes.

Moreover, ethically speaking, it's a pretty serious change in the site's structure to start publishing it as a whole for personal download. It's not something that I would just "allow" by fiat. While I see benefits, I can also see problems.

I actually do find the copyright policy to be very restrictive in some respects. What happens when the Web dies, legally speaking? While I think I would still migrate the site to the next great medium, just as the WellGopher? moved to HTML, it's really sad that would be illegal. Oh well, if anyone complains, we'll erase their contributions. ;) -- SunirShah

''any reason why you don't want to allow people to download the page database?''

hmm? are you asking about NeuroWiki, or MeatBall, or just in general?

-- BayleShanks

Talking about the priorities listed above, ie. for Meatball. -- AlexSchroeder

Add RSS auto-discovery:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS Feed" 
    href="http://meatballwiki.org/wiki/action=rss" />

To RecentChanges? To every page?

Add Google machine auto-translation link to the bottom of every page. Any opposition?

good idea Sunir. MarkDilley

See PublicScript.


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