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A TagWiki is a Wiki, where the underlying WikiEngine supports Automatic Tagging, based on WikiWords. Each WikiWord is transformed automatically into a link, but in a much more powerful way as traditional wikis did it. Instead of incestual linking to only the own database, each WikiWord has internal and external links.

A TagWiki therefore allows for user convenience two modes: local link mode and global link mode.

Local Link Mode: Local link mode works as until now. (2007/6/1 12:50 UTC)

In Global Link Mode,


-- FridemarPache


Fridemar, you might want to [look into "Liquid Information,"] a DouglasEngelbart? project. Here's [something showing a UI for multiple links to arbitrary phrases or links.] -- LionKimbro

Lion, thank you for making the peers (myself included) aware of this nifty tool. I read your linked pages, viewed the nice videos and installed the [Firefox+HyperWord] plugin. As far as I can see, this tool is made mainly for private searches of the enduser. It has at least two shortcomings (but nevertheless other convenient additions, that could well be integrated into a TagWiki, too), for it doesn't allow:

This is related in a way to a concept I am using called HyperArtifacts? , for which I am instantiating a use starting today using my NoteWiki? which has been extended to form an engine called NoteWiki?9.

It is begun with the creation of a new page, or the generation of a copy and modification of an page based on old copy-and-paste information. No name is enforced for the whole page, since the nature of wiki pages is ongoing, and often the content strays from the topic for which it was first named. Instead the page is uniquely (or nearly so) named by a date-time-stamped name of the form of YYYYMMDDhhmmssff (where ff is fractional seconds).

For the page to become useful, it receives, or already contains WikiWords (of an extended type known by NoteWiki?9). The links are tags which are attached to a paragraph or section, but not the whole page. The usual place will be or associated with the title of the section, where the name can be said to reflect a proper-name for the content following.

NoteWiki?9 contains now, and will contain in later releases, functions, notations, and structures which will enable StructuredAndFunctionalHyperlinks?.

NoteWiki?9 will be generated and made available as AwardWare? (a new type of SoftwareDevelopment? in which the developer is encouraged (and enabled) to continue development via cash awards made by those appreciative of the development effort and the cost born by the developer in time, talent, and resources. AwardWare? is made available to its users via a download from the developers website.

For NoteWiki?9 ( obsolete ), the download page will be changed since I no longer have this site and the page, in the future I will be posting a site and page for a recently rewritten program to be released as NysNotes version 2022 - (not later than 20210930). -- DonaldNoyes

Google:TagWiki, [1][2][3][4], Wiki:TagWiki


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