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Topic Exchange is down at the moment (July 7 2005). I checked within the last month or so and it was up so maybe that's temporary, but i didn't see much real content.

Anyway, it seems to me that tags have embraced and extended Topic Exchange. Any group that wants to form ridiculously easily (in the Topic Exchange style) can just tag their posts with any currently unused tag. For Technorati they just need blog software that uses their tagging scheme. If they can restrict themselves to short posts, del.icio.us is even easier - they don't need their own blogs, they can post their links and write their text directly into del.icio.us itself.



Yep, the ITE is up and down, depending on my server's health at the time. It's temporarily down right now, but should be back up in a week or so. Mostly just spam now, overtaken by sites like del.icio.us, Technorati Tags, and most of web 2.0 :-) --PhillipPearson

There is considerable supporting evidence at www.flickr.com

This site uses tagging is a critically important force in group formation. I'll add some key points later since I think a summary of the more interesting aspects would be of interest to this community.

-- HansWobbe

This is an implementation of AutomaticLinkBack.

1. What it is
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5. Glossaire (LangueFrançaise)

1. What it is

WebLogs sometimes use TrackBack or a similar technology to "ping" linked sites, so that they can create BackLinks. When linking to a Topic Exchange channel, this not only creates a backlink, it also puts the backlink in the specific channel. Now you can visit Topic Exchange and find other weblogs discussing the same topic.

It's a way of collecting postings on weblogs by subject. The author categorizes the post by choosing which channel to link to, and the Topic Exchange server lists all posts in a channel -- effectively showing weblog updates by category.

These categories are also called open weblog channels -- streams of posts from other WebLogs on the channel's topic.

Some examples:

Each channel has an RssFeed?, and a wiki page for accumulating wisdom on each topic (and to interlink them, though there's not much of that yet).


2. See Also

3. Définition (Français)

4. Conversations (Français)

Ca a l'air basé sur le TrackBack, introduit par MovableType?. Si tu regardes le source d'une [entrée] d'un blog MT, tu trouvera des balises RDF décrivant les détails du protocol TrackBack.

Si quelqu'un utilise MT pour ajouter une entrée à son blog et qui inclut dans son texte le lien vers mon article, MT trouvera celui, cherchera dans mon article des infos pour le TrackBack et fera un "ping". Du coup, dans mon article on verra la liste des liens qui y font référence dans différent blogs.

On peut aussi faire des TrackBack "à la main", en utilisant le lien "TrackBack" sur chaque article. Avec MovableType?, quand tu écris un article, tu peux ajouter des liens de TrackBack.

TopicExchange généralise le TrackBack pour catégoriser des articles selon un certain nombre de sujets. Si tu écris sur tel ou tel sujet, tu rajoutes les liens TrackBack proposés par TopicExchange et ton article sera ajouté à la liste sur le liste.

C'est couplé à un Wiki.

Chaque catégorie propose un FilRss? avec la liste des dernières entrées sur ce sujet.

Je connaissais pas et ça a l'air vraiment sympa. Je vois bien comment intégrer ça à NewsIsFree?. -- MikeKrus

Mike, quand ouvres-tu une page ici NewsIsFree? ? -- ChristopheDucamp

Regarde aussi : WcsWiki:TopicExchange et [TopicExchange:Topic_Exchange] -- PhillipPearson

Salut Phillip ... Bien [rangé] ces groupes. TopicExchange est un vrai SocialSoftware ;). -- ChristopheDucamp

5. Glossaire (LangueFrançaise)

Category LangueFrançaise


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