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Discussion of TwinWiki:

Two Wikis are TwinWikis to each other, if they connect to each other via TwinPages.

For a pair T1, T2 of TwinPages, one of them might be empty, say T1 of Wiki W1 In this case, clicking on the associated TwinIcon of the not empty page T2, an edit-form in T1 should be opened, where to fill in new content.

In the same sense, as there may be more than two twins, there can be any appropriate number of connected TwinWikis, called a TwinBall.

-- FridemarPache

Fridemar, perhaps look into LizzyWiki / AlainDesilet? (National Research Council of Canada, iirc) who have implemented a very elaborated wiki software for not only having translated wiki pages in parallel, but also keep track of which pages and parts of pages are changed (newer) and which pages need updating. This also offers side-by-side text areas that show the parts of the page that need reworking.

TwinWiki is a name that may unnecessarily restrict the concept, because why only think about two languages?

Your concept of "automatic generation of missing twin pages" seems to disregard that the corresponding page name is needed but not given.

MattisManzel is also very interested in everything that has to do with multilingual concepts. The same is true for ChristopheDucamp. It might be possible to join or form a multilingual workgroup. In general CommunityWiki has a stronger tradition to discuss these issues. -- HelmutLeitner

Would you say that a mirror of a wiki (let's say which points to the original when being edited, to be a little more than a backup copy), is also a TwinWiki?

Fridemar, I've problems with the mathematical concept because there are situations where the 1:1 correspondence is intended but not a fact. E. g. a page may be created in one wiki while the translation is still missing in the other wiki. A mathematical definition would suggest strictness, so that the wikis are not TwinWikis at that point. But I think this is not your intended usage of the term.

There is also the situation, where a similar 1:1 correspondence of page sets happens between two namespaces within one wiki, or between two hierarchical branches of one wiki. This will usually make implementation of features easier. So it's unclear why the concept should be restricted to wiki page sets. -- HelmutLeitner

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