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A wiki, founded by LionKimbro, for discussing WikiNode s. These are InterWiki related.

Front page: http://wikinodes.wiki.taoriver.net

It is a YoungWiki?, so not much content yet. It is also a very narrow subject focus for a wiki (a ShallowWiki perhaps), although it forms part of a tightly coupled [Hive of wikis at TaoRiver.Net]


At the moment it doesn't have any content. It doesn't even have it's own wikinode! HarryWood -- March 5, 2005

Lion Kimbro updated a great deal of the wikis on the taoriver-hive to the new and spam-protected moinmoin version which causes some maintainace work on the wikis. He has a bad flu too. I hope he and all the wikis he hosts will soon be back. -- MattisManzel - March 5, 2005

There are two different "schools" in the wiki world. One thinks that wikis should be heavy-weight and grow a community. The other is to spread as many wikis as possible, a new wiki for any idea, complex or simple, create the virtual space, let it grow or stagnate without caring. LionKimbro and WikiNodesWiki represent the second one. -- HelmutLeitner - March 6, 2005

Thanks for this explanation. I too was having trouble catching on to the intent. Your post brings it nicely into focus for me. -- HansWobbe - March 6, 2005

Note that the second version generates the most PageRank. Conversely, I don't particularly see much value for Meatball to link to every empty wiki on the Internet. It would be the same as FreshMeat? listing to every level-0 SourceForge project. Let's see something real happen first. -- SunirShah

It's also interesting that the WikiNodeIdea is absolutely good, but it needs no separate wiki and therefore the WikiNodesWiki is bound to be a ShallowWiki. An example for a ShallowWiki with a good (but small in the sense of "low volume") idea. -- HelmutLeitner

Maybe Lion Kimbro was having software troubles (and flu) causing his wiki to lose all its content, or maybe it was always a fresh wiki without even a wiki node. Either way my initial assesment is now out-of-date i.e. it is does now have a bit of content, it's own [wiki-node], and a some [activity].
So I don't know whether we still want to delete this page. I guess I'll remove the DeletePage? flag for the time being. It was added by Sunir on 6th March when WikiNodesWiki was still completely empty. What do poeple think now? -- HarryWood - 23rd Mar 2005




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