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Somebody suggested the beautiful term WikiWalking, that is meanwhile very nicely supported by InterWiki prefixes.

WikiWalking extends the Wiki:WikiPrinciples to surfing and writing in a connected set of Wiki:WikiForums. (UnifiedRecentChanges, UnifiedAutomaticLinkGeneration, ...).

The TourBus system and TwinPages are other ways of walking wikis.

Anyone prefer the term WikiWandering?? --AndrewCates

Me. -- HelmutLeitner

I started thinking of the term YpsiEyeball?:WikiCrawler? a few months ago. . . I think that the TourBus idea fits in with these earlier ideas - I like the term WikiWalking -- MarkDilley

It's ok. This is some kind of WikiCamping? or even WikiNomadism? maybe (when becoming a WikiLifeStyle?)? Stepping over from one WikiNode to another is another (not too bad way) to do WikiWalking. Has to do with CommunityWiki:SpamBusters too. -- MattisManzel

See also AnnotationWiki



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