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Despite this




Carfree Cities proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles


CarCulture done wiki style. I love it. -- SunirShah

I was thinking today of how to stop using my car after learning about how bad smog is this year, and the fact I've gained a few pounds, but rollerblading to work takes 50 minutes. Since then I've encountered a variety of interesting facts, mostly from [Andres Duany]. -- SunirShah

404 on Andres Duany :-(

is this the Andres Duany of NewUrbanism?, co-author of "Suburban Nation, The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream"? if so, i have the book on order and can pull supporting evidence from it, should it contain any. somebody kick me if i don't. -- AlixPiranha 2004-apr-13

My god, this page perfectly describes Windsor, Ontario, where I grew up. Toronto's not so bad, but certain areas are 40 minutes to anywhere, and an hour plus to anywhere fun (unless you have a car, in which case it only takes 10 minutes; sigh). -- RobHarwood

This is actually one of my major motivations for moving to Europe. -- ChuckSmith

Someone please provide sources for the following two factoids: I just don't believe these numbers.

Source was the talk by Duany. He didn't provide ancillary sources, so the facts are contentious.

I (TedErnst) posed the question about each car generating 5 parking spots on the ChicagoCriticalMass? listserv and got the following (refactored) answers:

yay :0) in ireland the post May Day (2003) ReclaimTheStreets? went really well. there are some very interesting sites about RTS on the net and a few decent pdf pamphlets about "politics of the car" on the struggle website too. on of the nice quotes i came across is that "RTS isn't anti car it's anti car culture".

-- a guest

CarCulture is also one of the most explicit tactics TheSystem? has for lighting even more fires under the buns of those of us who are barely hanging on. It is one of the most aggressive means by which credit scoring is used to weed out the weaklings from the simple dignity of being a contributing member of society. Being not only a necessity, but an obligatorily insured one adds still to the brutality of marginal careerism aptitude.


All anyone needs to own a car is five hundred dollars and fairly recent page of classified ads

The annual cost is higher than that, though it varies from one situation to the next.

I hate CarCulture and absolutely despise shopping malls.

State mandated insurance alone costs from 100 to 150 per month in California. Cars are *not* cheap. -- a guest

An AnonymousDonor without using any RealName has begun a french translation on CultureDeVoiture. Nice for our LangueFrançaise culure on mb. Even if I feel the title is not correct : I would suggest CultureAutomobile? or CultureAuto? ? What do you think ? Let's also mention we have some nice solution in Paris (I've lost the link and will leave it later) : briefly, a company that gives you the opportunity to mutualize the car. A car always available near your home for a lap of time (week-end, one night). You subscribe a small monthly fee basis and are billed according to the distance/time with great rates which have nothing to do with the usual "rent a car". A form of co-sharing. This company does not work for suburbs. A strong CarCulture exist in the french suburbs and I don't think firing cars is the solution to make people change. -- ChristopheDucamp



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