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The proposal has been accepted as InterWikiWorkshop at WikiSymTwoThousandFive.

The following proposal had been submitted to WikiSym:



This workshop will be an informal discussion of ideas and technologies for connecting wikis to each other. Topics may include:

The actual topics discussed will depend on what participants want to discuss.

Long description

We haven't made detailed plans yet for this workshop. However, the amount of pre-planning we can do is limited, because there are many more potential topics than there is time, yet we want to choose amongst those based on the interests of the people who attend (at run-time, so to speak).

One idea is to go around the room, having everyone who attends introduce themselves and take a few minutes to introduce topics that they'd like to talk about. Someone will write each topic mentioned on the board. Then, the moderators will help to re-order the topics on the board, and then we'll go down the list and have open discussions of each topic.

If there are large groups of people who particularly want to discuss some of these topics (for instance, if some people wanted to discuss primarily markup standard proposals, and others wanted to discuss primarily software for distributing wiki engines) then the workshop may split up into multiple sub-discussions.


Lion Kimbro works on the WikiNodes network\footnote{see http://wikinodes.wiki.taoriver.net/moin.cgi/WikiNodesNetwork} and Local Names\footnote{see http://ln.taoriver.net/}. The WikiNodes network connects related wiki communities. Local Names is a way to connect the linking mechanics of blogs, wiki, and other text authoring systems. See his page at http://communitywiki.org/LionKimbro for more information.

Helmut Leitner is a software and wiki developer (ProWiki), a wiki founder (DseWiki, BücherWiki, GründerWiki), and a wiki provider (WikiService). He revived the TourBus idea of John De Bruyn and supports the WikiNode idea. Helmut is a member of the MeatballWiki community and most interested in the social and cultural aspects of the wiki. WikiService currently hosts about 80 wiki community projects with a number of InterWiki technologies (e.g. RSS, SisterSites, ...) in place. He has a MS in chemistry from the Technical University of Graz, Austria. See his wiki homepage at http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?HelmutLeitner for more information.

Bayle Shanks is interested in technologically-enabled forms of collaboration, decision-making, and information retrieval. He is working on WikiGateway, a library module providing functions like getPage, putPage, and getRecentChanges. WikiGateway can interact remotely with many different wiki engines (such as UseMod and MoinMoin), yet it provides a single API to the software which calls it. Bayle is a doctoral student in computational neurobiology at UCSD with a background in mathematics and artificial intelligence. See his wiki homepage at http://communitywiki.org/BayleShanks for more information.



but please feel free to add more below!

Hans Wobbe is an entrepreneur, interested in productivity, and especially collabortaion. A current focus is the efficient publication of information, using wiki technologies, independant of media. Hans was educated as a Mechanical Engineer, graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1972, after concurrently working as a Consultant for the University's Computing Center and the Engineering faculty's Numerical Weather Prediction programs. Currently he serves as President of [DataFix] and as a member of the Board of Directors of [NAMMU] responsible for their Data Management & Privacy portfolio.


Bayle: I have been making a (very) few notes on some of the points that you've listed as possible topics, so far, purely as a by-product of work on some of my other Objectives. Is there any interest in pooling such material and if so, is this your prefered place or way to do that? -- HansWobbe

Yes, sure! I'm kinda busy for the next week writing conference papers, though. Can I get back to you later? -- BayleShanks


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