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The 2005 International Symposium on Wikis brought together wiki researchers, implementers, and users for the first time.

When, where? Oct 16-18 2005, in San Diego, CA in conjunction with OOPSLA. http://www.wikisym.org/

Typical atmosphere at a breakout (from the wiki spam workshop). Intimacy and concentration. This time IIRC about "reputation systems".

More pictures: see WikiSymFutureOfWikis and http://ws2005.wikisym.org/space/Flickr+Images

Conference wiki: http://ws2005.wikisym.org/

The goal of the symposium is to find a voice for the community. The symposium has a rigorously reviewed research paper track as well as plenty of space for practitioner reports, demonstrations, and discussions. We are honored to announce that Ward Cunningham, the inventor and host of the original WikiWikiWeb, will present the opening keynote talk at WikiSym 2005. Anyone who is involved in using, researching, or developing wikis is invited to WikiSym 2005!

See the WikiSymCallForSubmissions for details on what to expect.

WikiSymWhosGoing - List yourself here. Find potential roommates.

Local contributions

from Meatball folks

Meatball has been tasked with organizing WikiSymCommunityEvents. Any ideas of how to do this? I'm willing to donate my $500USD tutorial fee somehow (hopefully so I can declare $0 income) provided I can get a free plane ticket out of Socialtext. -- SunirShah

One outcome from the first WikiSym is the Recent Changes Camp being planned for Portland, OR and somewhere in Europe simultaneously Feb 3-5, 2006. Come help plan or just keep up with the progress at http://recentchangescamp.org

A trip report: http://ourpla.net/cgi/pikie?WikiSymTwoThousandFive

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