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sylvie bourguet aka bulot[at]x-arn.org

co-founder of [ActionsRéseauxNumériques]

I work on HyperMedia projects.These projects are based on the circulation of informations between located spaces and cyberspace and also individual actions in collective processes.

Current projects

[Angle] : is a multi-users visual tool :

 - to work on mind-mapping in a group,
 - store, organize and share bookmarks,
 - invent your own use...

[DistanceFocale4] [fr] : This project is about integration of [Touchscreens + waves of surface] technologies in Focal Distance devices. Distance Focale devices consider interface (network) like the necessary distance which allows the formation of an image of an object (geo-located) on a screen, and this whatever its own distance with the object in question. The interface has the same properties as the focal distance of a photographic objective : distance which allows the formation of a clear image.


 * WhatIsArt like SoftwareArt

 * NeckerCube

 * WikiNode

 * Multicultural Experiment :
 - [Teach-me-wiki]
 - CommunityWiki:MultilingualExperimentDiscussion


Bienvenue! -- SunirShah

merci Sunir :)

Sens-toi la bienvenue Sylvie sur MeatballWiki ;) -- ChristopheDucamp

Il semble plus aisé de se rencontrer au détour d'un wiki qu'autour d'une mousse :) -- :SylvieBourguet

Bienvenue de moi aussi. Tout les femmes et hommes sont bienvenue. What is your feeling about wiki? My french is lousy, by the way. -- MattisManzel

Merci pour cet accueil Mattis and about wiki for me it's a way to work not only on my (web)side but in a collective construction which I can't define but I can take part easily in the process. -- SylvieBourguet

Merci Sylvie. Excuse my words simplicity please, yes, it's about like the difference of having sex alone and in company. -- MattisManzel

C'est une interprétation possible --SylvieBourguet

hi sylvie. voici ton arbre de wiki personnel (http://www.communitywiki.org/cw/WikiFolks). j'espère qu'il te plaît. -- sigi Difficile de répondre j'ai comme l'impression qu'il me manque le mode d'emploi :) --SB

if you know foaf, it's simple. you can create a tree connection to all those of your friends who are not yet in the tree (if they agree to it). they in turn can do so as well. you can list them in http://www.wikiwiki.de/newwiki/pmwiki.php/Wiki/BaumListing. see the examples. see also http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/community/WikiFolks and http://www.wikiwiki.de/newwiki/pmwiki.php/Wiki/BaumBild. --sigi

OK thanks :) --SB

Ciao Sylvie - Sigi's tree makes me remember the structure of a software program (in old Fortran days), with a Main and many Subroutines ... in this (Wiki) context each person can be a Main program, for her/his own goals, and a Subroutine for other persons' goals ... just a passing thought I'd like to share with you ... with thanks to Sigi -- Luigi

hi luigi. this is a very creative interpretation. perhaps you like our baum-programming http://www.wikiwiki.de/newwiki/pmwiki.php/Simbolz/BaumSnapshot --sigi

Yes, nice image Luigi to describe interactions between people, between two autonomous thoughts-systems but connected ... --SB

just another interesting tree stuff: http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/community/ConnectedGraphSquaringProblem --sigi

Hi sigi maybe it could interest you : [Fuzzy interface] "Nobody knows everything? Everybody knows something?" Pierre Lévy --SB

Ciao Sylvie - I'm very grateful for your contributions to my CW page - Your last comment (before you went to the beach) makes me feel like a transition from "page cluster" to "environment" should be the next thing .... it would be like going from perception to action ... if only it could happen;

i'm still confused by the amount of "clues" and "ideas" that seem to drive to that action ... I can see the "gateway" as the "fuzzy interface" you point sigi to ... but i see it in your NeckerCube as well ... or in the [device] concept ...

however, the effort of trying to capture all these clues ... and make associations among them is too big ... even if the effort produces a greater understanding ... the problem I find overwhelming is the communication of that understanding to the people who could benefit from it (and bless us by becoming involved in Wiki usage) ... what seems to be impossible to achieve is the "transposition" of the "gateway" concept into a social context ...

yet, decades ago it was probably the same situation with supercomputers ... some people knew all about them ... but the majority of those who started getting benefits from using them ... (and blessed those who made them) ... did not need to get into the hard details ...

there was an interface in place ... It was not planned ... It just happened ... Now i can say it was a "gateway" ... I was part of it without knowing it was a "gateway" ... We called it User Support (but it was not a Call Center... it was not run by a technology vendor/provider ..) ...

possibly, the nature of that "gateway" i'd like to capture could be explained by this sentence: "Attentiveness is the gateway to empathy" ... I just happened to find that sentence at the *Georgia* Tech's School of Literature, Communication & Culture ... in a paper (or a class) about [Interpersonal Communication] ... and you know what ... when i say in my CW page that i would love to help starting something funky ... and generate some heat ... those are the starting words of a singer called Ernestine Anderson before performing "*Georgia* on my mind" (a song i've always liked) ... Ok - that's it - I'll give you a break for a few days ... a backlog of work is staring at me ... A la prochaine -- luigi

Ciao Luigi, [Interpersonal Communication] is interesting, it sounds like a way to consider that when I communicate to somebody I tell more about me than anything else and also that communication is indissociable from human senses and cultural environment, any kind of action/attitude/choice is a way to communicate, communication is permanent,natural and necessary like air to breath :-)

I like your story about "Attentiveness is the gateway to empathy", I mean how elements from different kind of nature can be combined in a production of meanings and how each of us developps it's own meaning management... [TranslationGateway] is in the air ... soon --SB

hi sylvie, hi luigi. 20 years ago i noticed somewhere: life is a circulation - an interaction of mind and matter. i noticed: geist <-> materie = ->(wollen, handeln) & <-(erleben, erkennen). of it i was remembered by the fuzzy interface link (the two-way communication of open networks (old model: A -> B. new model A <-> B)). another interesting point are the 3 aspects of the internet ([machine relationelle]). in the infrastructure your computer needs to be connected to each other (a sort of connection tree). in the infostructure you need to be connected to each other person (a sort of connection tree). in the infoculture your words need to be connected to each other word (a sort of connection tree (see also[BaumWiki])). --sigi


Bonjour Sylvie j'aimerais bien mettre ton projet [Drawings] pour une exposition sur la page LangueFrançaise. Peut-on intégrer une carte LangueFrançaise sur Drawings et si oui : comment faire ? Bonne journée et bravo. Superbe. -- ChristopheDucamp

Merci Christophe pour ces compliments mais je tiens à préciser que ce n'est pas "mon projet" mais un projet ARN :-)... [Drawings] est une expo en ligne de dessins. Pour créer une carte LangueFrançaise tu dois aller sur [Angle]. Mais tu n'as pas la possibilité de générer des dessins sur [Drawings] Par contre les données contenues dans ta carte LangueFrançaise contribueront à la création de dessins dans l'expo [Drawings]

Je crois que je vais utiliser ta requête pour lancer une Drawings FAQ :-) --SylvieBourguet

Sylvie, sorry, I wasn't able to reproduce your problem of editing this page. -- HelmutLeitner

strange :) thanks Helmut --SB I can add text but not modify the text above like example change a broken link, so myster ... II will try later ... thanks again ... it works now ...it works ... Maybe I have to sleep :) --SB

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