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The accent did go through. Good. Well.

aka notafish (with a small n) because the-dolphin-is-not-a-fish mainly on WikiPedia (the French one). Discovering what's going on here. More comprehensive for now can be found [here]

I stumbled here and I am liking it. I like to ask questions and I think this is a good place for that. I like to anchor things in reality, examples. Not so much of a theoricist I suppose.

I am French. I have lived in the US two years (studied there). I lived in Austria for one year (studied there as well). I am now living in Germany. I speak French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. I think it is important to say this because I discover everyday the impact of language and culture on the way communities/organisations are organised and perceived.


To think


How do you professionalize volunteers? How do you make the volunteer community understand that whatever their implication may be, they need to let professionals take over on certain matters? I am expressing a personal opinion here, I do believe that there comes a time when you have to go professional.
WikiMania? 2005 as an example of what can be done or not done with volunteers...and a Wiki.


How do you regulate the relationship between the volunteer community and the organisation which needs to professionalize?
UnitedWorldColleges? as another example. Community is not online, but somehow very much the same kind. People scattered around the world, with a sense of belonging to an organisation that is actually very far from them. à creuser.
How about the multiculturalism of an OnlineCommunity? How difficult is it to take the differences into account, since you don't live in the same country, speak the same language, never have and probably never will?

Delphine, I would be interested in you watching or participating in WikiPractices. --MarkDilley

Power and influence

further reading indications on that would be appreciated. --Delphine



Bonjour Delphine et sens toi ici la bienvenue. Amusant de te voir débarquer sur MeatballWiki une très belle communauté ouverte aussi aux francophones (voir la LaLève de Grange en LangueFrançaise), nous avons démarré un index avec quelques PageTranslation. Nous avons aussi un système très pratique pour ne pas polluer le fil des ModificationsRécentes si tu écris en français : Regarde ModifierCatégories? qui t'expliquera comment remplir le résumé de tes futures contributions. Pour répondre à ta première question, le système de SousPages n'est pas implémenté sur Meatball. Nous travaillons sur une structure à plat. Pour le to think concernant plus de professionnalisme de la part de bénévoles, je pense que nous devrions poursuivre quelques réflexions sur de vraies rencontres intercommunataires. Peut-être nettoyer et sérieusement remanier la page WikiSchool?. Si tu es à Paris, n'hésite pas à passer nous voir sur un MercrediWiki?. A bientôt. -- ChristopheDucamp

Merci pour le welcome Christophe. Voyons si j'ai compris l'histoire des ModifierCatégories?. Cet edit sera un test. Il y a un truc magique pour les signatures (simple flemme, en fait) comme les ~~~~ de WikiPedia ?
J'ai atterri ici en suivant des liens de SunirShah qui s'était proposé pour aider sur le prochain WikiMania? si la conférence avait eu lieu à Toronto.
Je me suis pas mal baladée (perdue ?) au gré des pages. Difficile je trouve, peut-être la force de l'habitude sur un autre Wiki ? Pour Paris, c'est fichu, j'habite maintenant à Francfort, donc les MercrediWiki?, ce sera pour un passage en capitale.
For professionalization, I will go on in English so that everybody can understand ;-). My question really relates to the fact that I believe there comes a time when you need to make people understand that volunteer work has limits. If nothing else, the time they can put in a particular project. It is a challenge I believe the WikimediaFoundation is facing today, and it is difficult to express both to the community and to those whose "job" it is to run the whole thing. --DelphineMénard

Welcome Delphine! I think the question of how to professionalize volunteers is a good one. Somehow, I think there is something to do with FairProcess. I'll ask my NonProfit friends. Let me know how I can help with WikiMania?. -- SunirShah

Thank you for that link FairProcess. A lot of food for thought indeed. I'll definitely explore that. There are many things happening in the structuration of those organisations I am involved in, and although the community structure is very different, they are interesting to compare. --Delphine

Careful when changing the digest, Delphine: if you don't add each time, you hide your previous edits (and your whole page if you use EditCategories). Take a look at DigestedSummary/RésuméDigéré. -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks for the tip Chris. But I am not sure I get this. Won't the edit summary be really big after a while? I understand the interest of keeping major changes in so as to allow people who are not stuck on RecentChanges to follow a discussion. I am just a bit puzzled. Is it not easier to sometimes wipe the digest out, and other times add again whatever you want to draw attention on? Oh well, other wiki, other practices... Another question. How do conversations work exactly? Should they be all on one page? ie. you make a comment about this digest thing. Should I answer there? Or here as I am doing now? Here I am talking about this type of conversation, I understand that conversations on a particular topic should stay in the document page. Does it matter? Thank you. --DelphineMénard (learning)

(It's best to keep conversations in one place.) The digest is automatically cleaned after two weeks of inactivity - the amount of time we've allotted to PeerReview on MeatballWiki. It's kept smaller in the meantime by manual digesting by editors: we combine lots of changes into a short summary as we go along. It seems to work fairly well. -- ChrisPurcell

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