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I am just an AnonymousDonor.

My name is Anthere. It is the french for Anther. I often sign ant (small a). I also often do not sign at all.

Anthere because it is the beginning of another pseudo I had in another part of my life. Because it is the part of the flower that produces pollen grain. And pollen grain insure fertilisation.

ant because it is a social insect, which succeeds to build amazing structures with no apparent intelligence by human standards. And because it is very small.

I can be found there MetaWikiPedia:User:Anthere and other places as well, here and there.

Some people

SunirShah - MartinHarper - SteveDunlop? - TarQuin - HelmutLeitner - BayleShanks - ScottMoonen - MattisManzel - JussiVilleHeiskanen - EdPoor


I am not a member here, but I am a human nevertheless. So, even if I have no homepage, I have some reasons to be around just as others, and would just like to state them.

During two years, I have been trying, with more or less success to participate to Wikipedia. First because it is preserving my brain from decaying. Second because my daily life feels far too much small and egoistic not to be frustrating. I would dream of being more useful. Third because I really feel the ultimate goal of Wikipedia is great. And fourth, I think the project should make use of the encyclopedia building to make people aware of their differences, and to accept them. Among other benefits, a learning tool for tolerance, joy of doing thing together, understanding everybody skills are important in a common goal, learning discussion traps..., all those being important in a global peace view.

I learned a lot. I also got frustrated a lot. Not knowing much about human relationships, that is mostly try and see that I do. I need to understand better. Hence my interest here, in conflict resolution in particular (that seems to be something every wikipedian is seeking :-)), but emulation as well (what I suppose you call BarnRaising), and security to help with vandalism issues.

Additional point : How do people feel like belonging to more than one community ? How do you manage the differences existing between 2 places, without dissociation ? Do you really feel you can be involved and belong to one place only, or can you be in several places at the same time ? Is your time, heart, and courage large enough ?

Second additional point : we can keep talking of a community at Wikipedia, but that is not being honest with ourselves. There is no community. Rather, there is a very loose group of people, but only in sub tiny parts of the project do some people really make successful teams. Whether on fr or en, I do not feel part of a group, I feel like there are some people I do very good things with, some I must keep away entirely for the sake of everyone, and a whole bunch of neutral people in between. I regret this.

I wonder why it is so. The project is certainly too much focused on building the encyclopedia to take care of its community well enough. Forgetting the most precious capital is human. Or, the group of people is just too large for a community to exist. Or more leadership is needed. Or we do not attract the good people enough, or do not discourage the wrong ones enough, or do not praise the good enough.

Anyway, that is just a tiny sample of what I am troubled with. If I can help this place a bit in the process, that will make me happy.

Mulot/Little Stuart/Jules

utilisation de multiples identités qui se soutiennent mutuellement

pas de dénonciation => apparence d'une multitude d'éditeurs en accord => découragement
découragement d'un éditeur => expression du soupçon => attaque (pas de preuve, focus sur l'éditeur plutôt que sur le contenu)
pas de preuve => vérification dans les logs => attaque (plusieurs éditeurs peuvent partager une ip, netetiquette et respect de la vie privée)
pls éditeurs peuvent partager une ip => publication en clair de l'IP => attaque (respect de la vie privée)
focus sur l'éditeur plutôt que sur le contenu => indication des erreurs des adversaires => accusation des adversaires

Quelles sont les limites sociales à l'utilisation de multiples pseudonymes ? (vote, travail sur le même article, self-soutien) ?
Quels sont les motifs pouvant être considérés valides ? (différent roles, protection personnelle, apporter l'attention sur un point, renaissance sur un nouveau pseudo)
When and how to decide when an editor is interested in disrupting/destroying the project/community, or when he is just using trolling tactics to improve the process ? Where is the line ?

Where is the line or MindTheGap. -- Too lazy fr the timestamp now. 5th of Feb 'round 2 AM, you all know that it's better anyhow. I looked at IRC today, damn are they fast. _ MattisManzel

thanks for the link Mattis. That was just what was required :-)


WikiInTheNews : article du 12 novembre



Bonjour Ant. Je vois que tu remanies :) merci d'être passée sur WikiSchool? ? Dis-moi CraoWiki:DocForum recherche une intervenante pour parler de la WikiPedia. C'est le 25 mai prochain à Lyon sur le thème : weblogs, wikis et syndication de contenus : Evolution ou révolution sur internet ? Je compte y aller, serais- tu prête ou aurais-tu quelqu'un à conseiller ? -- ChristopheDucamp

Armelle m'a contacté à ce sujet en effet. Je lui ai dit que je lui répondrais en fin de semaine. Mais à priori, pourquoi pas...as tu plus d'information sur le programme de la table ronde ?
Non c'est à nous de lui proposer. CharlesNépote? intervient lundi prochain dans le même type de démarche. Si ça te dit de co-construire la présentation sur CraoWiki ou WikiPedia ? CraoWiki devrait fonctionner la semaine prochaine. (SosCraoWiki !) On pourrait en parler la semaine prochaine dès que tu lui as répondu ;) -- ChristopheDucamp

Je lui ai répondu. Peut tu me donner les liens adhoc ? Quelle sorte de présentation pour Wikipédia est nécessaire pour Charles ? J'ai pas mal regardé les comptes rendus que je pouvais trouver pour Autrans hier...j'ignorais que Thierry Gaudin y était ! ant

ant, j'ai déposé un appelwiki pour Charles ici [1], tu y trouveras le lien. Charles conduit la conf et j'essaierai d'intervenir sous forme de questions :) Nous sommes aussi heureux de voir ThierryGaudin? revenir à la prochaine MousseAutrans[2] -- ChristopheDucamp


I see you have made your RealName public, to some extent. A bold move - I wonder if Meatball helped give you the confidence to take that step? Best of luck. --MartinHarper

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I wish to write something about the difference between free and open. Most developers know about these things. The rest of the world is not so aware of these concepts.



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