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The Meatball mailing list is used for all discussions that don't fit well with MeatballWiki. These include day-to-day management, random chit chat and project annoucements (which may also be posted here). Indeed, MeatballWiki will be our primary medium of discourse.

You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending a message to mailto:meatball-subscribe@egroups.com .

The mailing list is publically archived at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/meatball/.

After Yahoo! bought egroups, I've had a lot of trouble. I could never log into the site to adminstrator the mailing list. I've been getting a lot of spam throug meatball-owner@yahoogroups.com. Now it seems that I can no longer send e-mail to the mailing list that I own and administrate. I hate Yahoo!. I really, really hate them. -- SunirShah

Update: I cracked my way into my own account. So, now I can send notices again. Joy to behold! --ss

Probably a silly offer as I'm sure there are many others in the MeatBall community that can do the same and are more involved on a daily basis then I, but if you ever get sick of Yahoo! I'm happy to host a mailing list for you. I already host many for my CommunityNetwork? (and several other projects) -- AdamShand

Thanks, Adam! Would you mind if I hold that as a raincheck? I don't want to touch it for the moment as it's working and it's low traffic anyway. It's also redundant with the WikiForum Yahoo! group at the moment, so maybe it would be prudent just to terminate it. -- SunirShah

Should we mothball this? People seem to still be joining it, although I'm remiss to think of what I would write on it these days. Perhaps we could start a monthly State of the Site synopsis. It would be an interesting chronicle of the site's history from now on, and it could be valuable PublicArt to write monthly status reports about ourselves. -- SunirShah

See MeatballDigest

A non-Yahoo mailing list with monthly reports would be nice. How would you feel if other online communities start sending a CC to the meatball list with a monthly report of their community? Could be a wiki, for example. Just be prepared -- since Meatball is already growing into central hub for wikidom. -- AlexSchroeder

That would be an interesting MeatballOutreach project. OnlineCommunityDigest?? -- SunirShah

Sunir, after reading the first lines of this page, I applied for joining the mailing list. After having sent my email, I read on here and realized, that you possibly won't continue it, but other wikizens showed their interest in some continuation. So I publish here my email, that contains some arguments for a mailing list, perhaps on Google?

Copy of the email follows:

Subject: May I join the mailing list please.

Dear Sunir, dear Meatball activists,

may I join the mailing list. I think, I have something found, that can be better presented in the mailing-list, than on the Wiki: it is the email-forwarding of annotated wiki pages, neatly formatted with all the links left intact.

Sometimes a wikipage is in threadmode a longer time, before it stabilizes into document mode. This transitional phase could imho nicely handled with archived, bookmarked, forwarded clips.

It is probably not only an additional safety rope, but also a tool to attract collaboration with new friendly, constructive people of external communities. Another argument is, that it is much faster (in preliminary stages) to add new annotations than to modify wiki pages in the classical way.

Best of all, the addressee even need not be already a diigo member to experience some attractive properties of the diigo-system, before s/he gets (hopefully) convinced.


I have three follow up points:

-- SunirShah

Dear Sunir,

I am sorry, to hear from you about those spam attacks. The stuff, I want to forward, are annotated wiki-pages (in different wikis) that help (hopefully) to strengthen the different collaborating wiki[-communitie]s and their members.

This is a daunting task, that can only be tackled by "many hands". Do you have a gmail address? If not and you wish it, it would be an honour for me, to invite you to my friend's list. (In case, you don't know, GoogleMail? has ample free space, enough bandwith, a lot of other nice features, and the registration is coupled to "invitation by a friend" only.) I would love to enclose you in my forwards, so that we can see/use the real potential of these new tools.

Currently I forward to MarkDilley, BayleShanks, KennethTyler?, RalfStroebel?, myself and .. ;-). This way, one's wiki postings are backuped in different places, such that the risks of disasters, as Mark had to suffer from, are strongly reduced.

In case your emailboxes are flowing over, you have the option to have a look at my baby blog at xxx (see FridemarPache), where I keep track of my wiki postings. [ Unfortunately the different involved Betas for the automatic Diigo blogger's blogging don't work always, as they should;-), so forwarding gives an additional level of security, not mentioning the included different archive services, associated with the DiigoService. ]

-- FridemarPache

Sure. You can send stuff to sunir.shah@gmail.com. Maybe we should install a ListServ on meatballsociety.org. -- SunirSHah?

Considering the current spam-attacks, how can I be sure, that you are the real SunirShah. The real SunirShah prefers to adopt the principle UseRealNames. A listServ on meatballsociety.org appears to me to be a good idea to authenticate, presuming, that the good ideas are not buried in it. -- FridemarPache



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