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A WikiPragma is a WikiWord (in the sense of wiki page name = wiki page link ), giving some metainformation for the type of intended communication.



WikiPragma's are parts of a suggested WikiSyntax to reduce WikiSpam.



DeleteMeAfterSucces?: Why doesn't show up my previous sticky note. Recommendation: always make a copy of your sticky notes. You could leave it on the underlying wikipage as a temporary note.

Hey Hans, this is the shortest and best one, so I''ll make the other suggestions obsolete, rewrite and redirect them to DiiGo. Thank you. What do you think to suggest FriendTo? as the successor of FriendPageTo ? . What about a visit at [Diigo:fridemar] for exchanging our annotations, especially the WikiPragmas? as Diigo tags? -- FridemarPache

<=> Wiki:WikiPragma

What category does this page belong to? -- JustinShaffner Hello Justin, thank you for your question. Indeed CategoryWikiPragma itself introduces a category for concepts, meant to improve the infrastructure of wiki networking. Take CallForCollaboration, WikiNode, BiLinks as prominent examples.


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