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Who am I?

I’m just a banker living in Paris, France. LangueFrançaise is my native language. I believe that Internet is a highly disruptive technology and presents a fundamental shift in how we could offer banking to the community.


I strongly believe that Social Networks and Reputation Management Systems will drive innovation in the banking industry. I want to encourage debate and promote idea sharing in my industry. I think that trust metrics are a key missing component to more open and decentralized business and social networks.

GoalStatement on mb :


BarCampBank, BarCampBankBoard?, [La voie du Pinko FR], SocialNetworks?, ReputationManagement?, TrustMetric


Cool. Welcome on MeatballWiki, Jean-Christophe. Nice to imagine any page related to Pinko, WikiVenture? and so on. Don't hesitate to help us on our PageTranslation index if you want to talk in french with a first link-language very closed to Pinko. It could really help you/us to think quick in the future. Take your time. Take care of you. Wiki is not a SoapBox. We have time in the WikiNow. How about refactoring a nice pinko-BarnStar for our future works on BarCampBank ? Ah a last work. If you want to use InterWiki to "la voie du pinko", just write FractalWiki:FR/LaVoieDuPinko. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any question. WikiNet is huge and fascinating. -- ChristopheDucamp

Welcome to MB, Jean-Christophe. -- ChrisPurcell

First: My belated "Welcome to MB" -- HansWobbe


After working with "definitive" data sources during the past two decades, I am forming opinions that suggest creating an ElectronicSafetyDepositBox, within which the data necessary to calculate reliable TrustMetrics? can be stored. In fact, given that ... | "Banks have been transformed from Custodians of (hard) Currency, to providers of infornmation regarding electronically recorded assets." | ... it may even be possible to bring many of the "electronic wallet" proposdals into being.

I would be pleased to discuss this further, although I am just about to start travelling for a while and still am operating under some time constraints that will reduce my responsiveness.

-- HansWobbe.

Hello Hans, I think you should consider joining BarCampBank. Process is simple, you just have to add your name to the list to become a voting member of the community. Then, please spread the word. Jean-Christophe, Christophe, many others and myself are trying to build this community to provide a forum where questions like the ones you have raised can be addressed and where innovations and new business models can eventually be born.

Considering frauds, I think that banks have to balance costs of detecting frauds and likeliness of the fraud. Costs can very rapidly be born by clients (imagine having a 64 digit safety code for your credit card instead of your standard pin-code) and may force banker to just assume frauds as a standard business cost not to become impractical for their clients.

Exchanges on the Internet can of course create much more efficient transaction mechanisms regarding the security checks. System-wide iniatitives like [KarmaInitiative] may be one of the answers to this reduction in cost and improvement in security. Platform specific answers like eBays's are other examples extending or replacing rapidly standard ways of doing business.

I hope we'll have soon an opportunity to chat within one BarCampBank sessions. Cheers. -- FredericBaud

I'll look forward to participating, as soon as possible after I return in November. Its nice to see some momentum building in this area, and it should be a good time to help that along. -- HansWobbe

Hi Hans, hi all. Frédéric : still not sure [AboutVoting]. Some people told us that VotingIsEvil ! We could imagine alternatives (currently thinking about a [CrazyEgg] vote to be discussed during a videomeeting). Imho MeatballBoard remains a nice RoadMap to follow. Pehraps we could try to understand via a PageTranslation to be dropped on MeatballConseil?. What do you think ? Still thinking how BarCampBank-board could be refactored... Hans : would you be ready to join us through a sort of VideoBridge we could plan during [BarCampZurich] ? A first [agenda] is here. We have still a lot of work to invite new participants. -- ChristopheDucamp

Hi Christophe, I wouldn't worry too much for the time being about the side effects of any voting system. For the moment, I think the major challenge is to bootstrap the movement and get a small group of committed and action oriented people serving as a board. Members can then use these people as a hub as I have mentioned elsewhere. When we get more traction, we could then see if voting is appropriate and what kind of system to adopt to elect the second, third or nth board. I'm definitely on for a video conference during the [BarCampZurich]. We should also organize something in Paris when you're back. Cheers, -- FredericBaud

Hi Hans, thanks a lot for your warm welcome ! I look forward to sharing on TrustMetric with you and the community. This will require some tricky organization for me as my home IP is now blocked by the MB anti-spam device (I'm unfortunately a -not so- proud AOL user). I will use office connection again a soon a possible. -- JeanChristopheCapelli

Jean-Christophe, encore bravo pour ton atelier BarCampBank de MétriqueDeConfiance et ton essai d'intégration des MicroFormats. N'hésite pas à glisser le powerpoint sur le wiki des MicroFormats. Imaginons aussi rapidement un cantinecamp avec EricMahé? chez Sun pour parler IdentitéEnLigne. J'aimerais vivement en savoir plus sur ce projet de LibertyAlliance [1] et avoir un point de vue comparatif avec le projet OpenID. Eric me laissait entendre que peu de banquiers à part les Norvégiens s'impliquaient sur ce dossier. Et pourtant que les banques ont bien un atout avec leurs clients : la confiance. Te sentirais-tu à l'aise pour ouvrir une branche IdentitéEnLigne sur le BarCampBank ? -- ChristopheDucamp



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