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La liste de diffusion Meatball était utilisée pour les discussions qui ne collaient pas bien avec le MeatballWiki. Elle comprenait l'organisation au jour le jour, le bavardage au hasard et les annonces de projets (qui peuvent être aussi postées ici). Bien sûr, MeatballWiki sera notre médium prioritaire pour le débat.

Vous pouvez vous abonner à la liste de diffusion en envoyant un message à mailto:meatball-subscribe@egroups.com .

La liste de diffusion est publiquement archivée sur http://groups.yahoo.com/group/meatball/.

Cependant, cette liste semble abandonnée dans l'InstantWiki. Cette page demeurera t'elle une PageAbandonnée? ?

Après que Yahoo ait racheté egroups, j'ai eu beaucoup de problèmes. Je ne pouvais même plus me connecter dans le site comme administrateur de la liste de diffusion. J'ai reçu beaucoup de spam à travers meatball-owner@yahoogroups.com. Maintenant il me semble que je ne puisse plus envoyer d'email vers la liste de diffusion que je possède et que j'administre. Je hais Yahoo !. Je les hais vraiment, vraiment. -- SunirShah

Mise à jour : I cracked my way into my own account. So, now I can send notices again. Joy to behold! --ss

Probably a silly offer as I'm sure there are many others in the MeatBall community that can do the same and are more involved on a daily basis then I, but if you ever get sick of Yahoo! I'm happy to host a mailing list for you. I already host many for my CommunityNetwork? (and several other projects) -- AdamShand

Thanks, Adam! Would you mind if I hold that as a raincheck? I don't want to touch it for the moment as it's working and it's low traffic anyway. It's also redundant with the WikiForum Yahoo! group at the moment, so maybe it would be prudent just to terminate it. -- SunirShah

Should we mothball this? People seem to still be joining it, although I'm remiss to think of what I would write on it these days. Perhaps we could start a monthly State of the Site synopsis. It would be an interesting chronicle of the site's history from now on, and it could be valuable PublicArt to write monthly status reports about ourselves. -- SunirShah

See MeatballDigest

A non-Yahoo mailing list with monthly reports would be nice. How would you feel if other online communities start sending a CC to the meatball list with a monthly report of their community? Could be a wiki, for example. Just be prepared -- since Meatball is already growing into central hub for wikidom. -- AlexSchroeder

That would be an interesting MeatballOutreach project. OnlineCommunityDigest?? -- SunirShah

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